cheese and crackers platter

3 Crackers and Cheese Gift Baskets

A cheese and crackers platter is perfect at any time of the day. Discover our combinations for every taste or create your own cheese and crackers gift basket!


A cheese and crackers platter is perfect at any time of the day. We also think think it's a very original present you can make to someone special. For this reason this year give to the loved ones one of the cheese and crackers gift baskets we suggest. You can choose the cheese you prefer and combine it with a particular type of crackers. Or create your own cheese and crackers snack packs. Pick the products you prefer, add a gift box and a message to your purchase, and we'll sen your present in time for any special celebration! The possibilities are endless!

To make a cheese and crackers healthy snack you should choose a light cheese, but if you want a rich appetizer for a special occasion, than we recommend you to opt for a fat holidays cheese!

The cheese and crackers calories will depend on the pairing you will prefer. For this reason, we suggest you three different combinations for every taste.

cheese and crackers platter

Mediterranean cheese and crackers platter: Potter's Rosemary Thyme Crisps and Camembert

Hand-made in small batches, Rosemary Thyme Potter's Crisps are totally organic crackers, perfect to be served with a delicate cheese like Camembert.

The ingredients used to make these delicious whole-wheat crackers are organic and sourced as seasonally and locally as possible.

The flavor of wild Mediterranean herbs like rosemary and thyme recalls to mind the country landscape of France, where the famous Camembert cheese is produced.

Our tip: bake the Camembert in oven for a couple of minutes, add a drizzle of honey and dip the crackers in the creamy hot cheese. For a nice cheese platter presentation add a rosemary twig.

cheese and crackers platter

Winter cheese and crackers gift set: Potter's Cranberry Crisps and Ol Sciur Blue Cheese

Cranberry and blue cheese is a special combination of flavors, particularly appreciated by sophisticated palates. In fact, the sweet note of these organic whole-wheat crackers counterbalance the pungent taste which is typical of blue cheeses.

Our tip: add to your cheese and crackers tray a tablespoon of berry jam.

cheese and crackers platter

Healthy cheese and crackers platter: Parmigiano Reggiano and Nita crisps

This is the simplest one of our cheese platter appetizers, although not less tasty.

This is also an exceptional healthy cheese and crackers snack. In fact, thesee crackers are handmade with natural ingredients, low in sodium, no preservatives, sugars or Trans fats.

The Parmesan is a hard cheese that during its long maturing period loses much of its water content: the product that arrives on our tables contains only 30% of water. The remaining 70% is made of macro-nutrients, 33% protein, 29% fat and micronutrients. Parmesan is a great source of calcium: a 1,7 oz of this cheese provides 72% of the daily requirement of calcium. It is also a rich source of phosphorus and magnesium.

Our tip: add a drizzle of honey and somefresh fruit and serve. You can replac Parmigiano Reggiano with a different hard or semi-hard aged cheese.

And if you want discover how to make a good cheese and honey appetizer properly.

cheese and crackers tray

Images: Cheese and crackers by Mason Bryant CC BY SA 2.0 |  Cheesy Revol by Didriks CC BY 2.0 | Cheese and crackers by Quinn Dombrowski CC BY SA 2.0 | Cheese and crackers by waferboard CC BY 2.0 | Cheese, crackers and fruit tray by Shari's Berries (, CC BY 2.0