Tomino Langherino cheese

Tomino Langherino Cheese

Tomino is a small Italian cheese, hailing from the Langhe, a Piedmont agricultural region. Discover the characteristics of Tomino, how to cook and how to pair it.


Tomino Langherino is an Italian cheese, and it belongs to the Robiola family. The Langherino name indicates the geographical area of origin: the Langhe, the agricultural region of the Sothern Piedmont, the kingdom of Piedmont's red wines (Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera), the homeland of the valuable white truffles, is also the place of origin of Tomino cheese.

Tomino Cheese: Description

Tomino is a small cheese: the white discs are about 3-inch thick. It has a thin bloomy rind that encloses a soft and ivory paste. The tomino cheese taste is sweet and buttery with mild mushroom notes.


Tomino Cheese Recipes

The most classical recipe is grilled tomino cheese. It’s really simple: just heat up a pan or a grill and cook the tomino for few minutes on both sides. The surface will take on a golden color and the inside paste will start to melt.  If you want to add further flavor, wrap the Tomino in a speck slice. 

Tomino cheese recipe
You can prepare many other delicious recipes  with Tomino like:

Tomino Cheese: Serving Suggestions

To prepare an appetizing cheese board, decorate your plate with fresh fruit, walnut or raisin bread. Serve Tomino cheese with a ginger marmelade.

Tomino Cheese and Drink Pairing

Serve with fruity white wines, or with lagers.

Tomino Cheese: Seasoning Tips

In Piedmont a traditional green sauce, the the bagnet verd sauce, is used to season tomino cheese. Discover the bagnet verd recipe.

Image: Tomino Cheese, CC BY-ND 2.0