stracchino cheese

Stracchino Cheese: Substitute and Recipes

Stracchino is a soft and creamy cheese hailing from Lombardy. Discover its delicate taste, how it's made and how to use it in recipes.


What is Stracchino?

Stracchino cheese ia s soft and creamy cheese hailing from Lombardy, but it is also typical of Tuscany dairy production. The name Stracchino derives from the dialectical word "stracco", that means tired. It seems that anciently this cheese was produced with the little quantity of milk produced by the tired cows returning from the summer pasture. The milk produced in this period had a special flavor and therefore it was particularly useful to make this cheese.

Crescenza or Stracchino, What’s the Difference?

Crescenza, Sracchino and Taleggio belong to the same family, while they differ for seasoning. For this reason, you can use Crescenza as Stracchino cheese substitute in your recipes. Also the most famous Gorgonzola cheese is originated from Stracchino. 

Stracchino taste

It’s delicate, fresh and milky, the texture is creamy and it can be a fresh snack spreaded on bread and crackers. You can also use stracchino cheese to prepare many Italian recipes.

pizza with stracchino and zucchini flowers

Stracchino Recipes

As we said, Stracchino is a spreadable cheese, you can use it to prepare delicious crostini appetizer, as ingredient for seasoning pizza or piadina, but also in your pasta recipes.

The most famous combinations of ingredients are:

  • stracchino and sausages;
  • stracchino and salmon;
  • speck ham and stracchino;
  • zucchini and stracchino;
  • stracchino, rucola and cured ham (or speck);
  • zucchini flowers and stracchino (photo).

We recommend to try stracchino with sausages! An intense combination to be consumed with moderation (it’s rich in fat). You can use to make a specil pizza topping, as pasta sauce, or on baked bread.

Where to buy stracchino cheese? Go to Sensibus shop and buy Stracchino or more special goumert cheeses.

Image: Pizza with Stracchino and Zucchini Flowers by T.Tseng CC 2.0


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