brescianella fresca

Robiola Brescianella Fresca Cheese

Wath is Brescianella Robiola Cheese? Discover the features of this decadent soft cheese, its best combinations with wine and foods and how to serve it.


Brescianella Fresca is a Lombardian Robiola cheese and takes its name from the city of Brescia. Unlike his popular Piedmont's cousin, the Robiola Bosina cheese which is made up of cows and sheep's milk, Brescianella is a robiola produced with alpine cow's milk only.

Brescianella Cheese Variants

Fresh Brascianella

Brescianella is an Italian fresh cheese, consisting of a thin bloomy rind hiding a delicate, mild and creamy paste. It’s a soft table cheese made with raw whole pasteurized cow's milk. Fresh Brascianella has a sweet, milky and buttery taste.

Aged Brescianella

Its aged versione, Brescianella Stagionata, has a longer maturing period which can last up to 6 months. It has a washed rind and a specially luscious texture. 

Brescianella all'Acquavite

This is a really special version of aged Brescianella. The cheese is aged for few weeks in a local grappa, acquiring a strong, fruity taste, and striking visual appeal.

How to Serve Brescianella

Brescianella is a table cheese, so it's great to be served on a nice board for an aperitif at home, accompanied by crackers and croutons.

For a special occasion, serve it with other types of cheese in a tickling cheese board and learn how to pair Robiola cheese with the right ingredients.

Brescianella Cheese Pairings

Serve with Champagne (Chardonnay) for wine connoisseurs or with a Pale Ale for beer lovers.