Mozzarella di Bufala

buffalo mozzarella

Buffalo Mozzarella is fresh cheese produced exclusively with buffalo milk, unlike mozzarella "fior di latte", which is produced only with cow's milk. The use of sole buffalo milk is requirement for the attribution of DOP certification, as well as the place of origin of mozzarella, since it must be produced in specific places of the South of Italy. This information bust be indicated on the mozzarella's label, togeher with the DOP mark. Hence, buy only Italian authentic mozzarella di Bufala!

Buffalo mozzarella cheese is produced in various shapes and sizes.

Most of the time it is consumed fresh. When used in recipes, it should be removed from the water and held for several hours in the refrigerator, so as to drain it well from the excessing water. Excellent accompanied by prosciutto and oil or in an Italian caprese salad, fresh mozzarella di bufala also very good on the pizza.

Distinguishing a buffalo mozzarella from a simple mozzarella is not easy, but a more attentive eyw will notice that the first has a light crust on the surface, while the traditional mozzarella cheese has a homogeneous and lucid surface.

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Image: Italian Buffalo Mozzarella, CC BY 2.0