Burrata Cheese


Italian cheese Burrata is a delicious fresh cheese made from cow's milk in the area of Andria, a town in the Puglia Region, where cheesemakers still make Burrata using the traditional techniques combined with the mnost modern technology.

What is Burrata cheese? We could say that Burrata and mozzarella are quite similar, but the first one has a much softer texture. In partiucular, its peculiarity is that it is a sheet of mozzarella dough containing a creamy butter serum full of smaller pieces of mozzrella torn by hand, the so-called stracciatella. Its flavor is sweet and buttery.

Today Burrata is considered a real delicacy. It was originally produced by peasants to re-use any remainings, therefre mixing the residues of the cheese dough with the cream than wrapped in a mozzarella casing. The master cheesemakers work mostly with bare hands into boiling water without the use of any machinery or technology. 

The bag of mozzarella sheet is traditionally closed with an artificial straw ribbon but traditionally peasants used local herbs such as the asphodel.

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Image: Buffalo Mozzarella, CC BY-SA 2.0