Gruyere, Switzerland

Traveling to Gruyères, Switzerland's Cheese Factory!

An itinerary through the beautiful Gruyères region, situated in the Fribourg Canton and home of Switzerland's most famous cheese: Gruyère!


Are you planning a journey through Switzerland? Don't miss the beautiful Gruyère region, situated in the Fribourg Canton and home of Switzerland's most famous cheese. Situated at 1 hr 20 by car from Genève, the village of Gruyères ows its name to the crane, since once these amazing birds stopped in the these wooded land and marshes of the region during their migrations. Now there is no more trace of the marshes and the cranes, which are always called back to memory by the delicious Gruyère cheese.

Founded in sec. XI, the small village of Gruyères still appears today as an unspoilt corner of the Middle Ages to passers-by. A car-free medieval village with a cobble-stoned main street flanked by ancient but beautifully preserved buildings. At the foot of the Alps, the city of Gruyères conquers the travellers thanks to its picturesque medieval architecture, its craftsmanship and its refined hotel-restaurants.

Gruyères, Land of Cheese and Castles

First stop is the "Château de St. Germain", a 13th century fortified castle with a spectacular view of the valley. The castle hosts a museum dedicated to eight centuries of architecture, history and culture of Gruyères.
Furthermore, it hosts the Museum Hans Ruedi Giger, where the amazing works by the creator of Alien are exposed. In the middle of the town there is another museum, the Tibet Museum, opened in 2009 and hosting more than 300 of sculptures, paintings and Buddhist ritual works from various Himalayan regions.

gruyere castle

The Dairy of Moléson and the Gruyère Cheese Factory Tour

Let's go to the near Moléson, the largest skiing area in the Freiburg region.
Here, you must stop at the Fromagerie d'alpage, the dairy of Moléson, where the cheese is made as on a wood fire in a typical alpine hut built in 1686, located at 3713 ft.
If you happen to be in this place in spring or summer, from here you can start the Gruyère cheese factory tour, an itinerary through some of the most traditional dairies, chasing the alpine Gruyère cheese. From Moléson, a nice walk takes you to the Pringy dairy, a Gruyère cheese factory, where the cheese is produced daily with modern means. Throughout the route, information panels introduce visitors to the secrets of cheese making.
Obviously, stop for lunch at the Maison du Gruyère (the House of Gruyère), an old restored industrial Gruyère cheese shop where you can discover all the secrets of the production of the world's most popular Swiss cheese.
The educational and interactive visit is a real journey through the 5 senses, among bells singing, the lowing of cows, the smell of alpine flowers and pastures and, of course, the taste the Gruyère DOP in three different seasoning stages.

Are you already dreaming of the delicious Gruyère taste? Buy Gruyère online and find out many yummy Gruyere cheese recipes!

Do not miss this stop if you are traveling with children! And the youngest ones will also love another factory, not far from Gruyères: the chocolate factory of Cailler is situated in Broc.

gruyere cheese

Christmas Markets in Gruyères

As most villages in the Alps, Gruyères hosts a hearty program of Christmas activities in December, Music and illuminations blow a wind of fairy. Exhibitions, Christmas market, workshops for children and other musical animations, become an opportunity to share moments of conviviality with the locals.

Images: Gruyère | Gruyère Cheese, CC BY SA 2.0