Seafood Recipes

A selection of gourmet starters and main course recipes with seafood and dry cured fish.

A collection of recipe ideas dedicated to all those who think that cooking fish is an impossible mission.

Christmas eve dinner menu

An Italian Christmas Eve Menu

A delicious Italian Christmas eve menu from the starter to the side dish, all strictly made with fish, of course.

baked stuffed squids

Grilled Stuffed Squids: an Italian Recipe

These stuffed squid recipe will make your Christmas Eve menu tasty! A quick and easy recipe to make, very popular among those who can't help eating seafood on Christmas eve!

salmon lasagna recipe

Fresh and Smoked Salmon Lasagna Recipe with Robiola Cheese

Who said that lasagna must be with tomato sauce? After trying this refined salmon lasagna recipe with Robiola cheese, you will change your mind.

spaghetti with bottarga

Pasta with Bottarga, Swordfish and Cherry Tomatoes

Discover this bottarga recipe with swordfish and cherry tomatoes: an interesting and luscious fish first course, excellent with both long and short pasta!

grilled swordfish after marinating

Grilled Swordfish with Sun-Dried Tomatoes Sauce

In this delicious grilled swordfish recipe, the fish is served with a Mediterranean sauce made with sun-dried tomatoes, a treat for you and your friends!

3 Vodka Sauce Recipes for a 5-Star Menu!

3 simple recipes with vodka sauce to make really excellent dishes in no time.


pasta with bottarga, zucchini and lemon

Pasta with Bottarga, Zucchini and Leek

Fish roe: love it or hate it. And if you love it, this ingredient will allow you to make exceptional recipes in few minutes!

burrata and prawns recipe

Burrata Cheese and Prawns

Burrata is probably one of the most tasty and tempting fresh cheeses ever invented.
This might be said of many Italian cheeses, we know, but Burrata is actually one of the highlights among the dairy products from the South of Italy.