Ethnic Recipes

ethnic recipes from the world

Do you love ethnic cuisine? Here's a selection of delicious cultural dishes from around the world to organize an original and really tasty dinner for your guests. We'll make you discover how to spice up your recipes, using chili and spieces.

Mexican, Chines, Indian, Moroccan recipes and many more! Taste the world's most unique cuisines and have fun with new ingredients and flavors.


 Frozen Marmalade Margarita Recipe

Breakfast Cocktails: Morning Margarita Recipe with Citrus Marmalade

A sweeter alternative to the traditional Margarita recipe that the lovers of frozen tequila drinks will love: a special citrus marmalade Margarita.

seafood cous cous

Seafood Couscous with Squid, Dried Tomatoes and Bottarga

Dreaming of Marrakech or of a romantic Sicilian sunset? Here is a seafood couscous enriched with the special taste of bottarga! 

sandwich with cheese and hot pepper jam

Hot Pepper Jam Recipe: Easy Habanero Jelly

Habanero Jam is too good. If you try it you can get addicted! Red, red savina, yellow, chocolate: you can make this Habanero jam recipe with the variety you prefer. 

apple chutney recipe

Apple and Ginger Chutney Recipe

Apple and ginger chutney has a delicate yet interesting flavor: the sour taste of apples and onions is harmoniously combined with the spiciness of fresh ginger. Find out how to do it!


chilly chocolate cake with berry

Halloween Party Food for Adults: Chilli Chocolate Cake with Berry Sauce

Today we want to dedicate two great recipes to those who look for Halloween treats for adults: an easy chocolate cake with chilli and cherries.

Pumpkin, Chickpea and Pear Soup

Pumpkin, Chickpea and Pear Soup

An easy pumpkin soup recipe reinvented with the addition of chickpeas and pears. A perfect day after Thanksgiving soup to recycle the leftover of the previous day meal.

 Avocado cream sauce with strachino cheese

Avocado Cream Sauce with Cheese and Walnuts

Thinking at a summer aperitif idea? This avocado cream with cheese and walnuts will surprise your guests!