Tiella: Eat Italian in Manhattan

TIELLA is a charming little neighborhood Italian restaurant in Downtown Manhattan, New York. Its décor is nice and simple, but authentic and not kitschy, authentic like the Neapolitan cuisine offered in this really little eatery with only 40 places. 

Executive chef Giuseppe Castellano grew up in Campania, the region around Naples. He draws strong inspiration from the authentic Neapolitan cuisine, nevertheless reinterpreting it in a modern way. The first restaurant he opened in the States was the Gran Gusto in Cambridge in which he also serves Northern Italian dishes like Fettuccine alla Bolognese or Cotoletta alla Milanese. In 2010, Castellano opened the TIELLA in the former home of the Cipolla Rossa restaurant, but this time he decided to concentrate exclusively on Neapolitan cuisine.

In the 2012 Zagat's survey, the restaurant was awarded 26 points (out of 30) for its food. Castellano is serving real Neapolitan dishes, like a mouthwatering Parmigiana with eggplants. On the menu you will also find 'Nduja, a spreadable pork sausage with red peppers from Calabria, or Polenta, a kind of porridge of cornmeal originated from some Northern Italian regions like Friuli or Lombardy. At lunchtime TIELLA only serves Pizza.

Compared to other restaurants in Manhattan and considering the excellent quality of the ingredients, TIELLA can boast absolutely affordable prices. 

tiella restaurant italian recipes

Tiella's Wine List

TIELLA's wine list contains “only” 29 different red wines and 13 whites wines. Among them you will find all the important wines from the Campania region, like Fiano, Aglianico or Greco di Tufo. And just like the dishes, the wines are not really expensive. You can enjoy a Branzino (common bass) with a bottle of Fiano “Donnaluna” De Conciliis 2008 for 48$.

tiella's chef giuseppe castellano

What to eat at Tiella?

What should you absolutely eat when you go to the TIELLA? Well, it's easy! Just try the namesake dish “Tiella”, a dish originating from the city of Gaeta in the Lazio region, famous for its Tiella and its delicious olives. Nevertheless, Gaeta is located about 60 miles from Naples and has strong Neapolitan influences in its cuisine. Tiella is similar to a pan pizza, but with two layers of pizza dough, the second one covering the delicious filling traditionally made of seafood, escarole, spinach, onions and a lot of olive oil from Gaeta Olives. The TIELLA restaurant serves this dish with various delicious fillings.

Here some mouthwatering samples:

  • Tiella Speck and Foie gras: with Buffalo mozzarella, mousse of foie gras and speck
  • Tiella Melanzane e Provola: with smoked Mozzarella, eggplants and cherry tomatoes
  • Tiella Caprino e Bottarga: with goat cheese and gray mullet roe.

If you don't like pizza, then just try the chick pea fritters with prosciutto and stracciatella. Simply awesome!

tiella restaurant's pizza

TIELLA address: 1109 First Avenue (between 60th and 61st streets), New York, NY 10065