Spiaggia: Italian Fine Dining in Chicago

Spiaggia is the most exclusive Italian restaurant in Chicago and one of the main destinations for lovers of Italian fine dining in the United States. 


Spiaggia is the most exclusive Italian restaurant in Chicago and one of the main destinations for lovers of Italian fine dining in the United States. 

This award-winning  four-star restaurant offers sophisticated, modern and refined Italian cuisine showcasing the finest authentic Italian ingredients, true to its motto “Innovative yet mindful of tradition”.

Chef/Partner Tony Mantuano, winner of the Award for Best Chef Midwest of the Jean Beard Foundation, and new Executive Chef Chris Marchino are the creators of luxurious and elegant dishes which, together with the excellent service and the modern but welcoming interior, make your stay at Spiaggia an unforgettable Italian-style evening.

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What to eat at Spiaggia?

Spiaggia's menu is grouped into 6 antipasti (starters), 6 primi (first courses) and 5 secondi (main courses). A 75$ white truffle supplement can be ordered for most of the dishes on the menu.

The regular menu also features a six-course tasting menu, Degustazione, ranging from 155$ (without white truffles) to 265$ (with truffles).

  • Carpaccio - raw 30-day wet aged rib eye, quail egg, porcini, hearts of palm, salsify
  • Taglierini - brown butter, Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Malloreddus - farm egg, hen of the woods, duck consomm√©, cippolini, Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Coda di rospo - monkfish, brioche, lardo, porcini
  • Cervo - New Zealand venison, chestnut, cardoon, mulberry
  • Zafferano - saffron, medjool date, caramel, pine nut

You can't leave Spiaggia before having completed your dinner with one of the special desserts on the menu. Pastry chef Nicole Guini offers a 6-piece, a 10-piece and a 20-piece selection of small Italian pastries. We recommend to order the 20-piece dessert tray as every single pastry is so delicious that you would regret not having tried them all.

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Spiaggia's extraordinary wine list

Spiaggia features a thrilling and extremely various wine list, including 700 bottles and ranging from a 36$ Assisi Grechetto 2010 or a 55$ Fiano Irpinia 2011 to a 3000$ Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 990 or a 6000$ Sassicaia 1985.

The impressing wine service is directed by Rachel Lowe, top prize winner at the Ruinart Chardonnay competition and recipient of the Jean Banchet award for Top Sommelier in Chicago. She is assisted by two cellar masters who will meet your request for wine pairings with excellent suggestions from the refined wine selection including mainly wines from Tuscany and Piedmont, but also from Sicily, Campania or Alto Adige.

Spiaggia's wine list also offers an exclusive and quite extensive selection of Italian artisan beers that are surely worth savoring.

Since its reopening in May 2014, just for its 30th birthday, Spiaggia has done away with its dress code. But this is what you would expect when the bill for you dinner comes to at least 200$ per person.

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Spiaggia address: 80 North Michigan Avenue, 2nd Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60611