SD26 Restaurant: Eat Italian in New York City

italian restaurant in new york

SD26 is a sophisticated and modern Italian restaurant in New York that overlooks the North side of Madison Square Park, on the 26th street. 

Run by famed Tony May, ambassador of Italian cuisine in the city, and his daughter Marisa, the SD26 is the successor of the historic Italian restaurant San Domenico, opened by Mr. May in the '60s, and definitely one of the best Italian restaurants in NYC.

Its menu features a collection of delicious Italian products, like cured meats, innovative pasta dishes and wine.

table at SD26 restaurant


SD26's Smart Wine Cellar

The innovation at SD26 is that you can order wine on a "table touch screen" and at the bar you can try any type of wine through a technological system of magnetic cards. In other words a smart-cellar instead of a sommelier. You can browse all the restaurant's wine by means of a small palmtop with a 9-inch color screen and touchscreen technology. The search is extremely simple: first, choose between white, rosé, and red wine, sparkling wines or dessert wines and so on.

SD26 wine cellar app

After a couple of seconds you can see on the screen a list of bottles to choose among, all perfectly stored in the huge SD26's cellar, each one provided with information about area of origin, type of grape, producer, region, name and price, and of course, tips targeted according to the season and to your menu. Just to give you an idea of the high level, 19 labels of Barbaresco, 30 of Barolo and 10 of Sassicaia appear on the Wine List.

At SD26 you find exclusively homemade food. And if you are really curious about Italian cuisine, you can even can book the chef's table situated in the kitchen.

SD26 drinks

The most famos Egg in Raviolo in the world

The recipe you must try at SD26? Undoubtly, the famed Uovo in Raviolo (Egg in Raviolo), an idea by San Domenico's Chef Executive in the '80's, Valentino Marcattilii, and since then kept on the menu.

Curious to know what are the main ingredients used in this dreamy raviolo filled in with egg yolk? Fresch pasta dough for tagliatelle, spinach, ricotta cheese, Parmigiano Reggianowhite truffles, and a soft-cooked egg, of course. A stunning dish that Matteo Bergamini, the young talented Italian Chef Executive of SD26, cooks masterly with many other delicious recipes based on the best olive oils, grains and cheeses of the boot-shaped peninsula, fostering Italian gastronomy in the Big Apple.

sD26 dish

SD26 address: 19 E 26th St, New York, NY 10010