Perbacco: Eat Italian in San Francisco

Perbacco is an Italian restaurant in San Francisco, in the Financial District. There you can taste Northern Italian cuisine with some French influences by way of Provence.


Perbacco is an Italian restaurant located in the Financial District of San Francisco. Chef/Owner Staffan Terje and Owner Umberto Gibin serve authentic Piedmontese and Ligurian, thus northern Italian, cuisine with some French influences by way of Provence. Indeed, 'Perbacco' is an exclamation used mainly in Northern Italy to express surprise or pleasure. And pleasure is what you feel when you try Perbacco's cuisine. The daily changing menu features a wide range of authentic Northern Italian dishes refined and reinterpreted in a modern way and. Furthermore, with its 25 pages, Perbacco's wine list is fairly extensive. It mainly includes wines from the Piedmont and the other Northern Italian regions, but also the most important wines from Southern Italian regions like Campania or Sicily.

Italian salumi at Perbacco restaurant

What to eat at Perbacco?

Perbacco is most famous for its pasta dishes. The mouth-watering pasta menu features handcrafted, home-made pasta like tagliatelle and the typically Piedmontese filled pasta dishes, ranging from ravioli to agnolotti. Fortunately, Perbacco serves pasta dishes in small and large portions, thus no problem if you want to try more than one type of pasta.

Allow yourself to be seduced by these tasty samples taken from Perbacco's menu:

  • Plin al brasato – Agnolotti filled with braised beef, black truffle butter, red wine ristretto
  • Raviora – Pasta filled with roasted butternut squash, sage butter, pomegranate, radicchio, La Tur cheese
  • Tajarin – Handcut thin tagliatelle, 5 hour pork and porcini mushroom sugo
  • Pappardelle – Wide pasta ribbons, slow cooked short rib ragù, young onion, grated horseradish

Perbacco's cheese list

The cheese list at Perbacco is actually exquisite and includes:

  • Langhe Robiola Tre Latti,
  • Blu del Moncenisio
  • Castelmagno DOP
  • Testun Ciuc
  • Ol Sciur.

Thus, the most important and most delicious Piedmontese and Northern Italian cheeses.

perbacco restaurant dessert

The service at Perbacco is not only attentive and friendly, but also really knowledgeable. Unlike other restaurants, at Perbacco you won't have to ask the chef for some recommendations. The wait staff will give you great suggestions and even compose a whole menu for you, if you wish so.

Perbacco is the perfect place for business dinners. Hence its location in the Financial District. But you may also go there with your family and friends for a classy dinner – or just to impress your friends with authentic Italian cuisine.

Even if prices are reasonable, considering the excellent quality of food and drinks, Perbacco is an upscale restaurant with prices for pasta dishes ranging from 14 to 19$ and for main courses ranging from 21 to 31$.

PERBACCO address: 230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111