Eat Italian

If you have a passion for Italian cuisine and go crazy about the Mediterranean diet, if you dream of a pasta-based menu, a platter of delicious cheeses, the sophisticated flavor of bottarga and truffles, don't worry... You don't need to fly to Italy. In the United States there are many Italian restaurants, but only some of them offer the authentic flavor of Italian cuisine.

Sensibus has selected for you the best Italian restaurants in the US: San Francisco, Chigaco, New York... for a culinary journey just around the corner!

Capannina: Italian Taste in San Francisco

Capannina is a little Italian restaurant in San Francisco, located near La Marina district, the freak area of the city.

Mangia Wine Bar: Eat Italian in Kenosha, Wisconsin

The Mangia Trattoria in Kenosha, recently remodeled and renamed Mangia Wine Bar, is famous chef Tony Mantuano's first restaurant in the United States.

Spiaggia: Italian Fine Dining in Chicago

Spiaggia is the most exclusive Italian restaurant in Chicago and one of the main destinations for lovers of Italian fine dining in the United States. 

Perbacco: Eat Italian in San Francisco

Perbacco is an Italian restaurant in San Francisco, in the Financial District. There you can taste Northern Italian cuisine with some French influences by way of Provence.

Tiella: Eat Italian in Manhattan

TIELLA is a charming little neighborhood Italian restaurant in Downtown Manhattan, New York. Its d├ęcor is nice and simple, but authentic and not kitschy, authentic like the Neapolitan cuisine offered in this really little eatery with only 40 places. 

italian restaurant in new york

SD26 Restaurant: Eat Italian in New York City

SD26 is a sophisticated and modern Italian restaurant in New York that overlooks the North side of Madison Square Park, on the 26th street.