Filiano Pecorino Sheep cheese

Pecorino di Filiano DOP, a Flavorsome Sheep Cheese from Basilicata

Discover the flavor of Pecorino di Filiano sheep cheese, a unique sheep cheese bearing the taste of a special land.


The Pecorino di Filiano DOP is a hard cheese made from sheep's milk coming from farms located in thirty municipalities in the province of Potenza, capital city of Basilicata, marvelous land of natural contrasts and unknown beauties.

The Pecorino di Filiano gained recognition as DOP cheese in December 2007. Since 1972 Filiano has been celebrating its pecorino by organizing the Sagra del Pecorino di Fialiano, aiming to perserve this excellence as well as the local tradition and history. This festival is increasingly catching the world's attention

The name “Pecorino di Filiano” first appears in documents from the XVII century. According to locals, the Filiano name is due to the abundance of wool that women could spin thanks to the presence of many herds of sheep: in fact the Italian word for “to spin” is filare.


pecorino di filiano sheep cheese

Features of the Pecorino di Filiano cheese

The Pecorino di Filiano DOP is a hard cheese made with whole raw sheep's milk. It has a cylindrical shape with flat faces and a diameter of 15 to 30 cm. The minimum maturation expected before consumption is 180 days. The color of the crust, characterized by the marks of the typical baskets in which the cheese is stored varies from golden yellow to dark brown, depending on the aging period, while the paste, grainy and crumbly, varies in color from white to straw. This cheese has a compact texture and small holes distributed irregularly.

The flavor is still sweet and delicate when it reaches the minimum phase of maturation, and becomes slightly pungent with further aging.

From the 20th day of maturation the pecorino crust can be rubbed with extra virgin olive oil, rigorously produced in Basilicata, and wine vinegar.


pecorino di filiano sheep cheese

Pecorino di Filiano cheese: serving suggestions

The Pecorino di Filiano DOP is an excellent table cheese, but for its flavor and organoleptic characteristics it is the ideal ingredent in many dishes of traditional cuisine from Basilicata, especially as grated cheese on homemade pasta topped with sauce meat.

It goes very well with local wines such as Aglianico del Vulture DOC.


pecorino di filiano sheep cheese



Pecorino di Filiano, che altro? | Come da tradizione | Ssssst, sto stagionando | Pecorino and peperoni by Rocco Lucia used under CC BY 2.0