DOP Certifications

DOP certification is synonym of food excellence. Italy is the European country with the highest number of DOP food products, that means protected by the European Union for their great quality. By this label the EU tries to favor the territories of origin, and to protect the local economies and the environment, because the connection between food and territory is necessary and indissoluble. At the same time, this certification guarantees a high level of traceability and food safety to consumers.

Sensibus offers a wide range of gourmet cheeses and other food products deisgnated with the DOP status.

Filiano Pecorino Sheep cheese

Pecorino di Filiano DOP, a Flavorsome Sheep Cheese from Basilicata

Discover the flavor of Pecorino di Filiano sheep cheese, a unique sheep cheese bearing the taste of a special land.

 traditional Christmas cakes, panforte and panpepato

Traditional Italian Christmas Cakes: Panforte and Panpepato

Christmas is still the best moment to spend time with family, to eat the traditional recipes and, above all, the traditional Christmas cakes!

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: IGP and DOP

There are different types of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, awarded with different status by the EU according to their qualities and production techniques.

italian prosciutto ham

Prosciutto San Daniele and Prosciutto di Parma: Head to Head

Prosciutto is world renowned Italian excellence. Choosing the best one is a tough challenge!

prosciutto san daniele italian ham

Prosciutto San Daniele DOP, Italian Ham from Friuli

Along with Parma ham, Prosciutto San Daniele can be considered one of Italy's most precious type of dry-cured meat.

parmigiano and grana padano

Grana Padano vs Parmigiano Reggiano: What's the Difference?

The Parmigiano Reggiano and the Grana Padano are considered interchangeable in many recipes. Yet, they are quite different.

Grana Padano Cheese

Grana Padano 24 Months

Grana Padano is one of the oldest Italian and European cheeses, but today, on the plains situated at the foot of the Alps, in a land crossed by pure rivers that descend from the mountains, it is still produced respecting the tradition.

Castelvetrano Green Olives: the Genuine Taste of Sicily

Castelvetrano Olives hail from the beautiful island of Sicily. Their color is strikingly green and their texture is meaty and crispy, yet deliciously juicy. Perfect in every sort of dish or even beverage.

Gorgonzola Dolce DOP: a Luxurious Cheese from Northern Italy

Gorgonzola Dolce is an Italian blue-veined cheese produced in the Italian regions of Lombardy and Piedmont, delicious eaten as is or used in recipes.