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Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Good for Health

Discover the benefits of taking extra virgin olive oil daily and find out the difference between extra virgin olive oil and other seed oils.


Extra virgin olive oil is the main seasoning ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. It is obtained by cold pressing the olives (-16.6 ° F). wthu using chemical products: in fact, theis special oive oil is the result of a mechanical squeezing action. The oil flavor will depend on several factors: the type of plant, the place in which it is grown, the degree of ripening, the collection method and will change every harvest.

The extra virgin olive oil health benefits are numerous: it contains a large concentration of antioxidants and nutrients like vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

The extra virgin olive oil key feature is the level of acidity, which must not exceed 0.8%. Hence, it is really important to choose good quality oil that will surely be more expensive,, but will give a wonderful flavor to your food while keeping all these exceptional nutritional properties. Let's see what are the Extra Virgin Olive Oil benefits and side effects - if there are any!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits for Health

extra virgin olive oil benefits

Is olive oil fattening? Contrarily to what many people think, extra virgin olive oil helps to lose weight. This doesn't mean that you can exaggerate: 3-4 tablespoons a day are the recommended dose. The reason is that extra virgin olive oil contains healty fats, that are monounsaturated fatty acids, able to improve blood cholesterol levels, decreasing the risk of heart disease.

Extra virgin olive oil benefits for diabetes: it reduces spikes in glycemia after meal and it can therefore protect against cardiovascular complications of diabetes.  This research, that is the result of a study of the Italian Society of Diabetology and was published in the American journal Diabetes care, shows that these fatty acids may benefit insulin levels and blood sugar control, which can be especially helpful if you have type 2 diabetes.

Extra virgin olive oil preventive diseases action: as we say, extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants, substances that are able to counteract the free radicals that attack the cells. It seems that a regular use of olive oil in your diet may reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer, colon, etc. Moreover, extra virgin oil contrasts the bad cholesterol, preventing heart disease.

It was also found that extra virgin olive oil slows the aging process of cells, improveing memory and learning. It has a useful action in Alzeimher prevention.

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity of Extra virgin olive oil: the oleocanthal, the substance that makes new oil pinch the throat, has a similar analgesic and anti-inflammatory action of ibuprofen.

14 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits:

To sum up, here is a list of benefits that produces the extra virgin olive oil consumption:

  1. it is not fattening;
  2. It helps lowering bad cholesterol;
  3. it has an anticancer action and prevents breast, prostate and colon cancer;
  4. thanks to the high content of vitamin E, it helps to increase female fertility;
  5. it is a natural laxative: against constipation take one tablespoon of olive oil with empty stomach;
  6. it counteracts the aging of bones;
  7. it is a natural antiinflammatory;
  8. it protects the heart and arteries;
  9. it lowers high blood pressure;
  10. it helps digest;
  11. it strengthens the immune system,
  12. it improves memory;
  13. it protects from osteoporosis;
  14. it prevents from Alzheimer's and stroke.

Our tip: always store oil in a dark cool place to not alterate its features. Furthermore, always monitor the amount of oil consumed daily: not more than 3-4 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil per day.

extra virgin olive oil benefit for skin

Beauty benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We can't forget to talk of the extra virgin olive oil beauty benefits.

  • Extra virgin olive oil benefits for skin: the anti-aging action of extra virgin olive has effects on skin rejuvenation. You can also use oil to create a nourishing facial homemade mask to nourish dry skin: use a portion of oil, one of honey, add plain yogurt to create a smooth paste, apply it on your face and keep it on for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water.Use extra virgin olive oil also to nourish the skin of the body during the shower: you can use it as you always do with normal nourishing oil: use in wet skin, then rinse and wipe gently with a towel.
  • Extra virgin olive oil benefits for hair: you can also use this oil to make a nutrient packs for dry and damaged hair: mix 2 tablespoons of oil, 3 of honey and one egg yolk. Apply and massage for 15 minutes, rinse and wash with a neutral shampoo.

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil healty for frying?

The answer is yes, you can fry with extra virgin olive oil: in fact, this oil has an high smoke point, that is the temperature beyond which oil deteriorates, and that in this cae is 356 ° F. Other oils reach this condition before, becoming carcinogenic.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs olive oil, or seed oil

The main difference lies in the production method, since extra virgin olive oil is obtained by the mechanical action of the cold pressing, whereas the prodution of other oils requires the use of chemicals and solvents applied at a very high pressure that produces high temperatures theat, as we said, alters the oil properties. Extra virgin production doesn't ufferr this type of sophistication.So, its acidity level remains below 1%, and its organoleptic characteristics are perfect.