Spring Picnic: What to Bring, What to Eat and What to Do

Picnics are the joy of children, and honestly of adults too. The arrival of spring could be the perfect opportunity to organize a picnic with your family and friends. Choose a park, a forest, a beach where to go and start preparing all you need for a perfect lunch outdoor.

Here is a list of all the picnic accessories that you may need.

The perfect picnic by Personal Creations

  • A large blanket suitable for picnics, made of cloth and tarpaulin so that you can put it on the wet grass without suffering humidity.
  • A paper tablecloth, to be used over the blanket or on the table if you are in a picnic area; decorate it with a colourful centerpieces: bring a glass jar and send the kids to pick some flowers. They will be delighted to assist you in the preparation of the “table”.
  • Flowers but also pine cones, shells or whatever offers you the nature and the place where you are.
  • Reusable hard plastic cups, plates, cutlery and paper napkins.
  • A sharp knife to cut the bread, meats and cheeses.
  • Water, wine, beer or soft drinks, possibly in an icebox.
  • Bottle opener, which is one of those things you often forget.
  • Tissues and wet wipes, especially if you have young children who may get dirty.
  • Plastic bags for waste.
  • Purse or backpack, for storing everything thoroughly.
  • Portable grill and charcoal if you love BBQs.


picnic basket food ideas


Picnic food ideas

Obviously you should prepare picnic recipes easy to carry and to be eaten cold and without a table top.

Picnic food for kids must be tasty and funny. Consider that children will tend to eat everything with their own hands. So some good picnic sandwich would be perfect . You can do them using a high quality sandwich bread and with different ingredients.

Here are some simple ideas:

  • Salami, mayonnaise and pickles;
  • Cooked ham and mozzarella;
  • Cured ham, tomato, rocket and mozzarella;
  • Salami and soft cheese.
  • Tomatoes and mozzarella for a healthy picnic sandwich.

Another classic is sandwich with egg and cheese omelette.

healthy picnic sandwich


Picnic food ideas: finger food and pasta salads

For a simple and refined appetizer to do waiting for lunchtime, bring some ready-to-eat picnic finger food such as Tomini in oil, olives, dried tomatoes, hummus and crackers.

If you are looking for picnic lunch ideas we suggest you to make a pasta salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, and a tangy Italian dressing is another great idea for picnics. You can prepare it the day before and leave it in the fridge. It will get even more flavor.

We suggest you a sophisticated pasta salad with fresh ingredients to prepare in five minutes: pasta with pecorino cheese, zucchini and grapefruit peel.

  • Cut the zucchini into thin julienne strips and put them in a large bowl with pitted black olives, salt, thyme and olive oil.
  • Cook the pasta in boiling water, and when ready drain and pour it into the bowl with the other ingredients.
  • Sprinkle with grated pecorino cheese and finish with grated pink grapefruit zest.


pasta salad


Bring also a lot of season fruit and a good cake. Find out more picnic and barbecue ideas.

Picnic games for the family

Picnics are a great opportunity for adults and kids to spend time togethere in relax, doing some movement and enjoying fresh air.

So, what games can you suggest and play with them? If you have very young children you could help them to discover the colors and shapes of nature, sing songs, mimic animal sounds.

If your children are older, suggest them traditional games such as hide and seek, tug of war, doing somersault on grass, capture the flag, matkot, prisonball. You will have a great time!


picnic games


Images: Picnic basket by Adam Dachis Rattan picnic basket by Wicker Paradise | The perfect picnic by Personal Creations  | Pasta Salad by Swithun Crowe used under CC BY 2.0

Burrata sanwich by stu_spivack | hide-and-seek di kiwi huang under CC BY SA 2.0