pecorino romano cheese

Pecorino Romano Cheese: Tips and Pairings

How to use Pecorino Romano cheese? Here are some suggestions to  enjoy this special Italian sheep cheese.


Pecorino Romano cheese is a traditional Italian aged cheese with a long history. It is produced in Rome and its surroundings, still following a recipe that has been handed down for thousands of years. 

It has a slightly piquant and salty flavor, which makes it the ideal ingredient for many traditional Italian dishes. Pasta Cacio e Pepe and Amatriciana are just some of the typical Pecorino Romano cheese recipes.

Furthermore, this wonderful Italian cheese can be also combining with vegetables, fruits and jam that exalt its sharp savor. Grated on pasta or tasted pairing with other ingredients, it is always a delicious cheese to try in different combinations and in any way.

Here are some tips to know how to serve pecorino cheese.

Pasta with Pecorino Romano cheese

Pasta with Pecorino Romano is a traditional recipe from Lazio region, but it is  known and eaten all over Italy. Who doesn’t know Bucatini alla Amatriciana? A delicious pasta sauce made with cheek lard, pecorino cheese and tomatoes. Also the Carbonara is typical pasta from Rome, made with eggs, bacon, black pepper and obviously, Pecorino cheese.

Last but not least, a dish that pecorino cheese is the main ingredient: Cacio e Pepe pasta recipe! It is a simple combination of black pepper, pasta and pecorino romano that make to taste to the best all intense flavors.

Pasta with pecorino romano

Pecorino cheese appetizer: fruits, jam and broad beans

The strong and piquant flavor of Pecorino Romano combines perfectly with juicy fruits like apples, pears and melon, or with dried fruits like walnuts and hazel nuts.

To make a simple yet yummy pecorino appetizer, serve on a wooden board:

  • some slices of Pecorino Romano:
  • figs, berry or strawberry jam;
  • chestnut honey.

Another delicious and classic combination is pecorino romano with broad beans, better if on a slice of bread. This combination is a must on the 1th of May in Rome, when people go out for picnics in one of the parks of the city, and taste this poor and at the same time sophisticated recipe celebrating the marvelous Roman spring.

Pecorino Romano and broad beans

Pecorino Romano cheese wine and beer pairing

Other suggestions on how to use pecorino romano? Well, don’t miss our tip for pecorino cheese and wine pairing.

This piquant cheese pairs well with soft and dry red wines, perferibly traditional local winse like Velletri or Cesanese del Piglio.

Or you may opt for a pecorino cheese and beer pairing. Then, we suggest you to combine this aged cheese with the strong and intense flavor of Trappist beers.

Pecorino Romano cheese wine pairing

Main imagine by Annarita Migliaccio used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license
Lutong Bahay - Pasta alla Carbonara by dbgg1979
Fave e Pecorino by Yellow.Cat