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How to Use Gorgonzola Cheese

How to use Gorgonzola cheese? Here we give you some ideas to make delicious plates with this Italian blue cheese as well as interesting pairings!


Gorgonzola is a refined blue cheese and is one of the most famous and tasty Italian cheeses. It is available in two version: piquant and sweet. The first one has a robust, bold and intense taste; the second one, creamy Gorgonzola, has a sweeter (but still strong) flavor.

Are you wondering how to eat gorgonzola cheese? Gorgonzola is very versatile and can be use to make many recipe with various ingredients. So, what to cook with gorgonzola? Pasta dishes, salad with fruits, marmalade and honey and much more.

Gorgonzola cheese sauce recipes


How to use gorgonzola cheese? It is perfect to be eaten on its own, but also to make recipes to cook. A must for a quick dinner is pasta with gorgonzola sauce. Use gorgonzola cheese sauce to flavor or to make a tasty filling for pasta: Ravioli, Gnocchi, Risotto. Besides, sweet gorgonzola  is used to prepare pasta with zucchini, pasta with pesto or spinach.

Gorgonzola sauce pasta

Gorgonzola salad recipes: how to use gorgonzola cheese with fruits and vegetables


And if you don't like pasta, what to do with blue cheese? You can make many interesting gorgonzola salad recipes full of fruits and vegetables. The possible combinations are infinite, just use your creativity and prepare yourself to enjoy a fantastic mix of flavor. What do you think of classic pears and walnut gorgonzola salad? The sweetness of pears and the strong flavor of gorgonzola make a delicious combination. If you like the contrast of the cheese with delicate flavors, try the apple and walnut salad with gorgonzola cheese. And for those who love red fruit a perfact variation is the cranberry and gorgonzola salad.


Gorgonzola salad


How to pair gorgonzola cheese: fruits, marmalade and honey


Gorgonzola cheese is perfect also to make a delicious gorgonzola appetizer recipes. Try the classic combinations with fruits (pears, apples, figs, grapes), and don't forget to experiment gorgonzola and honey pairing. Acacia’s and wildflower honey match with piquant gorgonzola perfectly.

How to serve blue cheese and honey appetizer? An idea is serving the cheese croutons or on a garlic bread.

Another blue cheese pairing could be made combining gorgonzola with citrus jam, chestnut or figs jam, or onion sauce.

Gorgonzola and fruits pairing


Gorgonzola: cheese and wine pairing


Wine and cheese matching: this is a delicate moment when you prepare a cheese board, especially considering that the different flavors of the two gorgonzola typescombine with different wines.

Let’s see how to make this cheese and wine pairing successful. For piquant gorgonzola, we suggest to choose a full-bodied redwine with a strong taste like Barolo and Cabernet, or a liqueur wine like Marsala or Moscato. Sweet Gorgonzola can be served with softer and delicate wines (both red and white). Among the white wines to prefer are White Pinot and Classic Orvieto, while among red wines we suggest Classic Chianti, Merlot of Triveneto, Sangiovese of Romagna.

Gorgonzola cheese and wine pairing


Gorgonzola: blue cheese and beer paring


Also beers are ideal to accompany a gorgonzola cheese plate. In particular the Trappist beer matches with piquant Gorgonzola very well. As to the sweet version we recommend a blond beer with double malt.


Gorgonzola cheese and beer pairing

Main imagine: Cheese and wine in Blenheim by Kelly Dustin 
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