how to use black truffles

How to Use Fresh Black Truffle

How to use fresh black truffles? Here some good ideas and yummy recipes to eat one of the most valuable Italian delicacies!



Truffle is one of the most esteemed and refined gastronomic delicacies you can use to cook. For this reason, better to avoid improvisation and learn how to use truffles in cooking

First of all, it's necessary to remember that there is a difference between black and white truffle. Today we want to suggest you some black truffle recipes, but if you love the more valuable white truffle, we'll give you some suggestions soon.

Now, it's time to learn how to use whole black truffle to make delicious recipes and tasty combinations.

Fresh black truffle in pasta recipes


Probably the most popular recipe with this amazing ingredient is pasta with black truffle. You can prepare it using four cheese ravioli or gnocchi but also simple fettuccine or spaghetti: just melt the butter in a saucepan and pan-fry the black truffle for a few seconds. Cook the pasta and than add it the the truffle sauce. 

And what about making a cheese and truffle risotto? And the combinations are infinite, just use your taste and creativity!


Black truffle pasta


Other recipes with black truffles


Other ideas on how to use black truffle? Serve it on a juicy steak and success will be guaranteed: melt some butter, add oil, and heat on low fire. Roast the fillet. Meanwhile, put some extra-virgin oil, salt, a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and some grated fresh black truffle in a bowl. Use it to season the fillet and enjoy this dreamy truffle recipe!

Also try eggs with black truffle, a simple recipe that will delight your guest. And if you use just a small part of your precious mushroom, learn how to store truffle


Black truffle and eggs


Black truffle and wine pairing


Now, let's see what to drink with black truffle. For similar refined recipes, a good wine is a must.

But what are best wines to serve with black truffle? Delicate and mature red wines are perfect. In particular, Italian red wines like Barolo, Brunello, Sangrantino, Nebbiolo are ideal, but also French wines like Bordeaux and Pomerol.

Truffle combine well with savory and fragrant white wines too, such as Verdaccia di San Gimignano, Muller Thurgau or Verdicchio. 

Black truffle and wine pairing


Main imagine: Black Truffles by ulterior epicure
Pasta with blck truffle by Wei-Duan Woo 
Eggs with black truffle by H. C
Wine and truffles by David_chinoy