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How to Use Burrata Cheese: Recipe Ideas and Pairings

Who said that Burrata can be used in Caprese salad only? Discover the many uses of this Italian cheese in a variety of delicious recipes.


It is clear that the Burrata is raging on the tables of Italian restaurants, in Italy and abroad. And we know why: Italian Burrata is a delicious cheese and it can be used in an incredible variety of recipes: frayed in a salad with prawns and scampi, as a filling for ravioli, stuffed with crispy vegetables or to enrich a creamy risotto.
Free yourselves from rules and don't be afraid of experiments: and this delicious food will become a real wild card in the kitchen.

Burrata Caprese Salad


Before looking at particular Burrata dishes, we must say that the combination burrata with ripe tomatoes, accompanied with a slice of good homemade bread, remains the simplest, yet the most convincing idea for a fresh summer meal or for a starter.
In fact, Burrata is a fat cheese, therefore it combines well with fresh vegetables, such as broccoli, zucchini, eggplant and peppers, or with wild onions, sun-dried tomatoes and beans.

caprese salad with burrata cheese and tomatoes

Burrata in pasta recipes


Burrata cheese is also used for stuffing pasta, see Burrata ravioli with asparagus, Burrata ravioli with summer vegetables or fish and more.

The secret is not to use butter in the seasoning since the dish would result too fat. Use extra virgin olive oil, add a tomato and, for an original recipe, add fresh clams or mussels. Burrata ravioli with fresh tomatoes and mussels are irresistible!

Roll out the pastry and place some cheese in the center, close the ravioli and cook immediately in boiling water. It is important that you cook them for a very short time or the Burrata will release too much moisture and the ravioli will break while cooking.

ravioli with burrata cheese filling

Burrata and prawns


Yet, we must confess that fresh Burrata combines very well with prawns too. If you like this suggestion, try it but pay attention to control the flavor of fat. A trick? Add a touch of citrus fruit or vegetable that will restore the balance of the dish.

Risotto with Burrata


Are you surprised? What about about a summer risotto with red mullet, lemon zest, burrata and tomato confit? Add the cheese at the end, just to give a touch of freshness to the risotto, and do not overcook it. To me it is already mouth watering. And you, you have some recipe to suggest?

risotto with burrata and prawns

Burrata cheese and beer pairing


If you like cheese and beer parings, you won't resist to this combination: Burrata cheese and Weiss beer. AS a matter of fact, Burrata pairs well with high fermentation wheat beers.

Burrata cheese and wine paring

Finally, Burrata pairs well with white wines. You can choose a wine from Puglia, such as a Martina Franca DOC wine, or move to the near Camapania region and choose a good Fiano di Avellino, a Greco di Tufo or a bottle of Falanghina.


white wine pairing


Burrata by Tomislav Medak,  Risotto with burrata and shrimps by Luca Nebuloni, Dunes of Ravioli by Garin Fons used under CC BY 2.0
JOH_1618 by star5112 used under CC BY-SA 2.0
P5030223.sm by Dana used under CC BY-ND 2.0

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