How to Store Fresh Truffles

Truffles are seasonal products and highly perishable. Learn how to store them at home and keep them fresh!


Truffles are seasonal products and highly perishable, therefore either you eat them within a couple of day or you should learn how to keep truffles at home.
There is not one rule for all types of truffles, but we can say that white truffles are more delicate and spoil fairly rapidly, whereas black truffles are more resistant.
Our advice is to use truffles as soon as possible, in order to enjoy their authentic flavor. But if you can't, you can keep them in different ways for a longer period.

Storing truffles in the fridge

The best way to store truffles is in the fridge, wrapped in kitchen paper towel. Since the paper absorbs the truffle's humidity, remember to change it at least once a day, and to make sure that the paper is always dry. As an alternative to paper, you can use a cotton cloth.
How long do truffles last in the fridge?

If you are storing black truffles in the fridge, you will be able to keep them for more than ten days, while storing white truffles in the fridge you can keep them for a week.

Storing truffles in oil

Another way to store truffles at home is in a small glass jar, cover with extra-virgin olive oil. Leave in refrigerator at a temperature between 37°F and 40°F; in this way the truffle will keep its aroma even for 7/10 days. In this short period you should make sure that that there are no mold on the truffle and that its smell doesn't change.
Eat the truffle as you prefer, but use the delicious truffle oil obtained as salad dressing or to add flavor to lightly spiced dishes.

Storing truffles in rice

You can also store truffles in a glass jar full of rice. Store it in the refrigerator;and use within 3-4 days. However this is not the best technique since rice absorbs humidity and makes truffles too dry. The advantage is that the rice will be so spicy that you could use it to prepare a delicious truffle risotto.

How to store truffles in freezer

Storing truffles in freezer allows to keep the product for a longer period of time (about a year). To prevent truffle from icing it is advisable to make it dry perfectly after washing it. You can store it inside a cellophane bag for food, possibly by applying under vacuum. When necessary, grate or slice it immediately after putting it out of the freezer, in order to avoid a chewy texture.

Truffle creams and sauces

Finally, you can use fresh truffles to make creams and sauces.

In particular, we suggest you to grate white truffles and mix them with butter, thus creating a truffle butter that will last in the refrigerator for a few days. Alternatively, you can try one of our truffles creams and pates.