how to use brie cheese

How to Eat Brie Cheese: Tips and Pairings

How to eat Brie cheese? Here are some delicious ideas to taste this versatile French cheese, from appetizers to desserts.


Brie is one of the most renowned French cheeses in the world. There are two types of Brie that can be distinguished by milk and texture: brie made with goat’s milk is softer and creamier than brie made with cow's milk; furthermore, the first one has a salty and more floral flavor whereas the other has hints of mushrooms and cream.

However, both are known for their intense and delicious flavors that combine perfectly with many types of fruit and jam.

Brie is perfect, as is, for appetizers, but can also be used also to make fantastic recipes. One of the most incredible ways to use Brie cheese is baked. And did you know that you can even use it in cheesecakes?!

Are you wondering how to serve Brie? Below, we offer some simple pairings and recipes to enjoy this fantastic cheese.

Brie cheese with fruits and jam: delicious combinations

First of all,  Brie cheese can be eaten as is at the end of meals or simply accompanied with crackers and bread for a quick snack. However, if you want to enhance its flavor, mix brie with some fruit and you will make a simple and wonderful appetizer. It is very easy to serve brie on a cheese platter together with fruit: you should choose fruit with intense and slightly acidic flavor like cherries, blueberries, mixed berries, apricot, or fig. You can also choose an exotic fruit like avocado, or juicier fruits like pears or watermelon.

Finally, to make a brie and fruit appetizer you can also choose a classic pairing using apple slices.

If you want serve a particular brie and fruit recipe you can mix this cheese with caramelized plums. Put plums in a nonstick pan with water and sugar until they are caramelized; spread Brie on toasted bread and add plums.

Another fantastic combination is brie with fruit preserves. In this case you should use a stronger flavor choosing, for example, raspberry, plum, peach, apricot, mixed berries, or fig jam.

You can also serve warm brie with jam: put the cheese in the oven for few minutes and eat with your preferred jam.

Brie cheeese and fruits

Baked Brie Recipes

With its creamy and soft texture, it is perfect to be cooked. Baked brie with fruit is a simple recipe that will amaze your guests.

Cut the Brie horizontally, and fill it in with the fruit or jam that you prefer: wrap it into a sheet of puff pastry and brush with a beaten egg: bake it and enjoy this yummy recipe. A classic and delicious mix is baked brie with jam and nuts.

Or make a savory quiche with Brie and figs. It's easy! Make a short-crust pastry, roll it out and poke some holes in it with a fork. Put some slices of Brie and figs on it, season with salt and oil and bake it for half an hour. 

Read more recipes with Brie.

Baked brie cheese and fruits

Brie cheese and wine pairing

Now that we know how to serve Brie, there is one last important thing to know: what wine to pair with brie? A creamy cheese like this must be served with soft and fruity red wines or spiced white wines. Red wines that work well are Sangiovese di Romagna, Dolcetto di Monferrato, or a Pinot Noir. Among white wines you can choose Reisling, Marsanne or Viognier.

And if you prefer to eat this cheese with a beer, you should choose fruitier beers like a Kriek or highly carbonated beers like a Pilsener.

brie and wine pairing


Brie and berries by Quinn Dombrowski | Baked brie cheese with fruits imagine by Pier-Luc Bergeron CC BY-SA 2.0


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