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Cooking is Therapy: 6 Tips to Relax in the Kitchen

Cooking is therapy. In particular, if you do it with your partner, with a group of friends or with your family, it helps to allay anxiety and relax.  Here are some useful tips.


Cooking is therapy. In particular, if you do it with your partner, with a group of friends or with your family, it helps to allay anxiety and relax. The kitchen can become the ideal place to find good humor and smile after a day of work and stress. And it seems to be an efficient anti-stress solution, considering the many programs dedicated to foodies and gourmets lovers all over the world. Cooking easy, fun and tasty recipes can turn your kitchen a special places. Even psychologist say that cooking can cure anxiety and depression. But to do this there are some simple rules that it's good to respect, rules that in the past were common habits that today can't find enough space in our lives.

Take your time to cook

The first enemy to fight in the kitchen is the speed. In order to get relaxed, you have to dedicate the right time to cooking: do it slowly, give yourself the privilege to cook with relaxation, tranquility, imperturbability. Homemade comfort food is the answer, or if you prefer zen recipes, aimed to help you to eat clean and stay in shape. Think of simple recipes and prepare easy but extremely cared dishes that will warm up your heart. 

making pizza or pasta dough by hand

Don't waste food and be creative

Waste is never allowed, as it was for our grandparents. Everything can be reused, even cooking water can be used to make fresh pasta dough or to steam cook vegetables. Use the leftovers to make new recipes, invent recipes, play with the ingredients. With some fantasy and a couple of good extra ingredients, you will create surprising and unexpected dishes! For some examples, read our recipes with leftovers.

Use genuine foods

Cook with high quality ingredient, possibly fresh and organic food. The flavor of your dishes will be excellent. Try to know the incredible stories lying behind every single ingredient you use, often passed down from father to son: be aware of who cultivated those vegetables or who made that special cheese, and by which methods. Avoid eating too much meat, and if you do it make sure it comes from organic and free-range farms. 

fresh food

Never get angry (if you can)

This should become a modus vivendi and the revolution can start from the kitchen. Cooking has to be a joy and make sure that if you cook with anger, the result won't be excellent. So, take advantage of this time to get rid of all the worries and anxieties and replace them with positive thoughts: to feel in peace, think of the bounty of the ingredients you are using, just a thought of gratitude to the farmer or to the land that gave birth to that special vegetable. It is more likely that the dish will be fine if cooked with the right mood.

The idea of paying homage to the food that ends up on our table helps to appreciate it. Without taking it for granted.

Cook in a clean place

The last distinctive features of this food philosophy are hand-work and attention to order. The first concerns an aversion to whips, robots and all artificial machineries. Instead of using a mixer, chop your food with the mortar, calmly, maybe listening to a relaxing music, drinking a glass of good wine, and enjoying this experience. Finally, the order helps to feel fine. Try to keep the kitchen as much clean as possible while cooking: this will help you to maintain serenity.

Turn the music on and... cheers!

Finally, turn on your favorite music. It will inspire you and will help you to get relaxed. Open a good bottle of wine and... get ready for a magical dinner!


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