buffalo mozzarella

Buffalo Cheese: Not Only Buffalo Mozzarella

Buffalo mozzarella is not the only cheese produced in Italy with water buffalo's milk. Let's see more buffalo cheeses you can use in your recipes or in your cheese board.


Mozzarella di bufala (buffalo mozzarella) is the most famous cheese produced with water buffalo milk. It's an Italian spun paste fresh cheese, traditionally made in the Campania region. Appreciated for its savory taste and for its nutritional properties, it is characterized by the status of EU's Protected Designation of Origin (DOP cheese).

Buffalo cheese origin

Buffalo's milk has been used for centuries by Asian populations: nowadays in India and China you can find the largest number of water buffalo. In Italy there is an important production of quality cheeses made with buffalo milk. One of the first buffalo cheeses appeared on the tables of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean peninsula was mozzarella, in the 12th century, but around 1570 we find the first written record talking about it.

What kind of buffalo produce milk for cheese? The Italian water buffalo belongs to the River kind (there are two types of Water buffalo or Bubalus bubalis: River and Swamp Buffalo), and it's also called Italian Mediterranean buffalo. There is a national registry that allows you to track the origin of the products made with buffalo milk.

Buffalo cheese health benefits

What are the buffalo cheese benefits?

  • It is an easily digestible cheese with a reduced lactose content, it's a rich in protein drink and also the buffalo cheese cholesterol content is limited.
  • In addition, it is rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B complex, vitamin E and zinc, which make an important antioxidant action.
  • It's low in sodium, which can also be a ragion to be preferred to cow's milk mozzarella;
  • As to buffalo cheese calories, 3.5 oz of buffalo mozzarella have 250Kcal.
  • Buffalo cheeses are indicated for growth and for the recovery of sportsmen.

Buffalo cheese for lactose intolerant

Does buffalo cheese have lactose? Yes, but the quantity of lactose you can find in is lower than that of other cheeses. There are a lot of peolple that have intolerance to lactose and can eat buffalo cheese without problems, yet other people can't do it.
Often these subjects can tolerate milk produced by other animals, such as sheep or buffalo, but not the cow’s milk: what is the reason is hard to say, surely we can affirm that the water buffalo, despite the resemblance to the cow, is genetically a different animal; furthermore, the buffalo does not suffer intensive production as cows do, hence is feeded more naturally than other types of cattles are.

Buffalo cheese and pregnancy

During pregnancy women would never eat raw milk and those cheeses made with it. Buffalo milk if pasteurized loses the bacteria, buffalo mozzarella is indeed usually considered a cheese that can be eaten in pregnancy. Always ask for confirmation that the milk has undergone pasteurization.

But buffalo mozzarella is not the only buffalo cheese produced in Italy. Let's see what aand that you can buy online in our online cheese store.


buffalo camembert

Buffalo Camembert

Camembert is a French cheese, yet in this variant it is produced from Italian buffalo's milk.
How to eat Camembert? Try it with smoked speck. Pair it with a Greco di Tufo or Fiano di Avellino wine, or a strong Ale if you prefer beer. Buffalo camembert taste is salty and smoothy, with a pleasant fruity notes.

buffalo salty ricotta

Buffalo Salted Ricotta

This buffalo ricotta can be a ricotta salata substitute: use it in all your pasta recipes wich include salted ricotta and you will obtain a more savory plate. With a crumbly consistency, buffalo salted ricotta is perfect to accompany your pasta dishes. Ricotta salata, where to buy? On Sensibus, obviously!

buffalo cheese

Quadro di Bufala

Quadro di bufala is a buffalo milk taleggio produced in the Lombardy region, in the Quattro Portoni farm: the milk used is produced exclusively by their breeding. Quadro di Bufala is a washed rind cheese aged from 35-40 days. Try it with a wheat beer to exalt its flavor.

buffalo mozzarella

Mozzarella di bufala

As we said, buffalo mozzarella is the most famous buffalo fresh cheese, perfect to be served as is or in more complex and refined recipes. Discover the best buffalo mozzarella pairings with wine and beer and find out our buffalo mozzarella recipes for your next special dinner.  

buffalo fresh cheese

Fiore di bufala

Fiore di Bufala is a fresh buffalo cheese, smoothy and delicate. It looks like a fresh goat milk cheese. You can eat this buffalo soft cheese spread on toast or as a rich ingredient in a salads, as you would do with feta.


Main image: Buffalo Mozzarella by Popo Le Chien, CC BY-3.0