how to store cheese

The Best Way to Store Cheese in the Fridge

All about how and where to store the cheese to avoid mold, and how long you can keep cheese in the fridge before consuming.


Cheese should be purchased and consumed within a few days, but it's not always possible. Sometimes you may find offers, exciting opportunities that allow you to buy your favorite cheese today at discount prices  and consume it gradually. However, it is useful to know how to store the cheese in the fridge in the right way in order to keep its organoleptic characteristics intact for as long as possible. Obviously, for an packaged product, follow the instructions that you will find on the packaging. The question arises when the package is no longer sealed. How to store the cheese once opened?

Fresh cheese should be eaten and consumed within two or three days, while, for the ripened cheese, a cellar would be the ideal solution since it can ensure the right temperature and humidity. It would be the perfect way to store cheese for long term, but how many of you have a cellar at home? So, let's see some tips to keep the cheese in the fridge at home.

Fridge temperature and compartments where to place the cheese

Fresh cheeses should be stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator (2-4 °) located in the shelf above the vegetable drawer, whereas you can place aged cheese in less cold compartment (above 8 °), that is the higher sector. Do not store cheese in the freezer since this would alters its properties and structure.

Separate cheese from the other products

The cheese can absorb flavors and molds from other foods (and from other cheeses too!). Therefore, wrap them in waxed paper and place them in a sealed plastic envelope. Aged cheeses can be wrapped in linen or cotton cloth, and then placed in cheese storage containers. Trays with glass bell covers are excellent. Each piece has to be packed separately from the other. Keep the cheese away from unwashed vegetables, since this may cause bacterial contamination.

Vacuum sealing

Mature cheese can be stored under vacuum and kept for one month. Avoid this practice in case of different types of cheese.

Cheese consumption temperature

In order not to lose the flavor of cheese, it should be brought to a temperature around 15-16 ° before eating. Remove it from the refrigerator 40 minutes before consuming it.

Here is a list of storing tips for the different types of cheese.

how to store cheese

  • How to store soft cheeses - Tomini, Taleggio, Brie, Pont l'Ev√™que...: wrap them in wax paper or a damp cloth.
  • How to preserve semi-hard cheese - Fontina, Toma...: cover the cut side with aluminum foil. You can wrap the cut piece in greaseproof paper and then store it in plastic containers.
  • How to store hard cheeses - Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano...: store aged cheeses at a temperature between 4 and 8 ° C,  wrapped in a cotton cloth, lightly moistened, or in a food film. If molds appear don't worry, you can remove that part and consume the rest. If you have purchased a very large piece you can grate parte of it and freeze it so that you can gradually consume it later. 
  • How to store Gorgonzola cheese: buy the quantities that you are sure to be able to consume. It can be wrapped in aluminum foil and then placed in food containers. Remove the crust if you want to eliminate the strong smell.
  • How to store Mozzarella: if you think you won't eat it all, don't throw the brine away, you'll need to keep it cool in the fridge. Alternatively store it in water with a pinc of salt. Buffalo mozzarella can also be preserved in brine out of the refrigerator if it will be consumed in a few days.
  • How to store Stracchino cheese: Stracchino should be stored in the refrigerator and eaten within two or three days. 
  • How to store goat cheese once opened: store it in a lidded plastic or glass container in the refrigerator. If it change its characteristics and mold appears, throw it away.

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