italian picnic ideas

7 Traditional Italian Picnic Ideas

7 picnic Italian-style ideas, easy and quick to prepare, using simple and tasty ingredients that not need to be cooked, of course. For the perfect spring picnic!


Semplicity and genuine products are a must for a typical Italian Picnic basket. The contact with nature makes us think to simple and tasty ingredients that not need to be cooked, of course.

Sitting in front of the wonderful Val d’Orcia, or on the shore of Como Lake, making a picnic in Villa Borghese or in one of the many wonderful places that you can find in Italy would be a great experience for your soul and for your palate. But if you can't take a flight right now, we can reproduce something similar even not far from your home: the secret is choosing a beautiful place, a garden or a place able to reconcile you with nature, and preparing with love a gourmet picnic basket.

Springtime Picnic ideas

We thought of 7 picnic ideas, easy and quick to prepare. The main idea is the traditional Italian picnic, so  you will find some classic recipes to make a healthy and tasty picnic in perfect Italian style.

Caprese salad

caprese salad

An Italian picnic side dish, but excellent as appetizer. You can prepare the Caprese salad in 5 minutes. The best combination is matching tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, extravirgin olive oil, basil, origan and a pinch of salt. You can prepare it at home and put in a tupperware. It can be an everyday Italian picnic recipe.

Broad Beans and Pecorino Cheese

Broad Beans and Pecorino Cheese

Fave e pecorino is a spring picnic idea, the simplest to do: bring with you pecorino and the whole pods. Extracting the broad beans is part of the "fave and pecorino" ritual!

Cheese and Ham Piadina


You can prepare an homemade piadina or buying it, then you can fill it with your favorite ingredients: the classic combination is cheese and cured ham with salad, but also the vegetarian or vegan fillings are delicious. If can use mozzarella, stracchino, robiola or brie. If you want to use mozzarella we suggest to bring the ingredients with you and combine them a few moments before eating: the fresh mozzarella, and in particular buffalo mozzarella, releases too much moisture that would make the piadina completely wet.

Bread and Ham

Bread and Ham

Pane e prosciutto is the simplest way to eat cured ham, better if you use rustic crusty bread. You can cover it with another slice of bread and add a slice of pecorino cheese or provola to create an Italian picnic sandwich.

Pane e salame: you can substitute ham with salami if you prefer. You can also use baguette bread.

Farro salad

spelt salad with cheese

In your Italian picnic basket you can put a delicious farro salad to complete your menu. It also can be the main course of your picnic. We suggest an olives and pecorino recipe, but you can try also other combinations, like Pesto sauce and sundried tomatoes.

Pears and Cheese

Pears and Cheese

To end an Italian picnic (or also to start!) you can taste pears and pecorino cheese, a delicious combination of flavors. Cut the pears into slices and taste them with diced pecorino, you will love this combination! For a stronger match, use Gorgonzola cheese.

Picnic Pack

Picnic Pack

If you don’t have time to prepare your picnic basket you can buy our Picnic Pack. The collection includes:

  • Pedrozo Dairy’s Tartufello – 8 oz
  • Alle Pia Cacciatorino Salami – 6 oz
  • Mixed Olives – 10.5 oz

If you need a quick recap about what to bring to organize the perfect picni, you can read our picnic tips. Now you are ready to do your Italian Picnic. Enjoy!


Bread and Ham by Snowpea&bokchoi CC 2.0

Broad beans and Pecorino by Mari CC 2.0