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5 Weird Things to Grill

Looking for interesting easy food to grill besides meat? Here are some unexpected ingredients that get a different flavor if cooked on the BBQ. 


What should I grill besides meats to surprise my guests? Cheese lovers must be saying “Cheese!”, of course. The most famous cheese to grill is tomino, but there are other delicious cheeses that are a good alternative to your cheese barbecue recipes. Here they are.

Unique Grilling Ideas

The purpose of this article is showing some weird easy foods to grill: unexpected ingredients that get a different flavor grilling or recipes that commonly are cooked in a different way.

This barbecue food list can inspire three types of menu: grill menu with pizza, bbq meat menu and grilled fish menu. Let’s see our ideas for alternative grill recipes.

Grilled Pizza

Grilled Pizza? Yes! If you don’t have a wood oven you can cook your pizza recipe over a grill: place the embers on one side of the brazier, place the pizza on the other side, turn the pizza upside down when the bubbles appear, then season with your favourite pizza toppings. Close with a barbecue cover until the pizza is cooked.

Sensibus cooking tips: prepare in advance grilled vegetables and complete the topping with Buffalo Mozzarella.

Hasselback Potatoes with Italian Cheese

Hasselback Potatoes

This bbq side dish recipe is perfect to accompany the grilled meat dishes. Cut the potatoes about halfway through in thin slices, to get the classic Hasselback ptatoes shape (that means that the slices don’t have to be separated from the potato base like in the picture). When the are almost cooked, fill the potatoes with diced cheese or salted butter. 

Sensibus cooking tips: Fontina or Gorgonzola for those who love the most flavored cheeses, Robiola or Stracchino for those who prefer delicate flavors!

Grilled Molluscs and Crustaceans (Shellfish and Snails)

grilled lobsters

Talking about things to grill besides meat we can't avoid mention seafood. Perhaps not everyone knows that crustaceans can also be cooked on the grid. 

Cook for a short time and turn them upside down only once. Shellfish must not be too small, should be washed well before cooking and, when the shells open slightly, they are ready to be removed from the grid. Be careful not to overturn the liquid inside the shell, as the temperature is kept from the shells and the fish or mollusc continues to cook even once removed from the grid.

Large mollusks, such as cuttlefish and squid, can be placed on skewers. Lobster and crabs should be oiled with extra virgin olive oil or seasoned with a marinade before cooking and placed on the grid with their belly facing down. When their meat is white and the shell becomes red they are ready.

Grilled Meatballs

Another healthy grill recipe to add to your bbq menu. Not only steak and burger but also savory meatballs that you can serve with grilled vegetables or with a fresh spring salad. Follow the instructions to prepare your grilled meatballs.

Grilled Pineapple

Grilled Pineapple

End a perfect churrasco-style party with a grilled fruit dish: cut the pineapple in slices, grill them and sprinkle with grounded cinnamon before serving. The sweetiest way to end a special bbq dinner!


Grilled lobsters by Eugene Kim CC 2.0 | Hasselback potatoes by Rebecca Siegel CC 2.0 | Grilled Pineapple by Robert Couse-Baker CC 2.0