Cooking Tips

How to use Burrata? And how to cook Bottarga? Or how to make a good pizza dough? There are no misteries in the kitchen. The secret is using quality ingredients, knowing some simple tips, and cooking with love. And Sensibus helps you with many useful guides to improve your skills with interesting cooking tips and recipe ideas.

Spring Picnic: What to Bring, What to Eat and What to Do

The arrival of spring could be the perfect opportunity to organize a picnic with your family and friends. Choose a park, a forest, a beach where to go and start preparing all you need for a perfect lunch outdoor.

extra virgin olive oil

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Good for Health

Discover the benefits of taking extra virgin olive oil daily and find out the difference between extra virgin olive oil and other seed oils.

White Truffle vs Black Truffle

This is a long-running inextricable dispute. What is better white truffles or black truffles? Find out what are the main types of truffles in the world and their characteristics.

What to Grill on Barbecue

Warmer days are finally ahead of us and it is time to get out and enjoy the sun, nature and relax. This is also the season of picnics and barbecues with ourfriends. So, it's time to put out the grill and plan that perfect barbecue.

Pesto Genovese

How to Make Pesto Sauce

How to make homemade Pesto sauce? We reveal you the original recipe for an exceptional fresh basil pesto!

spaghetti with bottarga

What is Bottarga? Tips and Recipes

Everything you want to know about Bottarga: what it is, how to cook and how to store this gourmet food product hailing from Southern Italian regions.

how to use black truffles

How to Use Fresh Black Truffle

How to use fresh black truffles? Here some good ideas and yummy recipes to eat one of the most valuable Italian delicacies!

How to Use Gorgonzola Cheese

How to use Gorgonzola cheese? Here we give you some ideas to make delicious plates with this Italian blue cheese as well as interesting pairings!

How to Store Fresh Truffles

Truffles are seasonal products and highly perishable. Learn how to store them at home and keep them fresh!