Cooking Tips

How to use Burrata? And how to cook Bottarga? Or how to make a good pizza dough? There are no misteries in the kitchen. The secret is using quality ingredients, knowing some simple tips, and cooking with love. And Sensibus helps you with many useful guides to improve your skills with interesting cooking tips and recipe ideas.

Spring Picnic: What to Bring, What to Eat and What to Do

The arrival of spring could be the perfect opportunity to organize a picnic with your family and friends. Choose a park, a forest, a beach where to go and start preparing all you need for a perfect lunch outdoor.

ingredients for no butter baking recipes

Baking with Oil Instead of Butter for Healthier Recipes

Cakes and other sweets very often require the use of butter. Yet, did you know you can replace butter with olive oil in baking? Here are our tips and suggestions.

green and black olives

The Benefits of Eating Olives Every Day

Are olives healthy? Discover the characteristics of green and black olives and all the benefits of this fantastic Mediterranean food for your health.

cooking with vegetable wastes

10 Zero Waste Food Recipes: Cooking with Waste and with Taste

If you love cooking and are trying to reduce wastes in the kitchen as well as to save money without renouncing to gourmet recipes, zero waste cooking is the solution.

genuine food

Cooking is Therapy: 6 Tips to Relax in the Kitchen

Cooking is therapy. In particular, if you do it with your partner, with a group of friends or with your family, it helps to allay anxiety and relax.  Here are some useful tips.

Baby vegetable and cheese purees

3 Cheese and Vegetable Combinations for 6-Month Babies

Is your baby  halfway to a year already? It 's time of weaning and starting a slow transition to baby foods. Here are 3 healthy veg and cheese combinations for your 6-month baby.

baby food

Which Cheese is Good for Babies?

Cheese is an important food for baby's health. But which cheese is better and when to start giving cheese to babies? Here are some answers.

colored pasta

Gourmet Flavored Pasta: How to Dye Pasta to Eat

Colors are happiness! Think about how can be funny and cool prepare different colored pasta for your special occasions! Only natural ingredient to create your gourmet pasta recipe.

Mediterranean healthy salad

10 Tips and Types of Mediterranean Food to Live Better

What's Mediterranean Diet and how to start it? Our 10 advices about the most important features of Mediterranean cuisine. 10 Simples rules to eat and live better.