Cocktail Recipes

Martini cocktail with Castelvetrano olive

Castelvetrano Olives and Martini Cocktail: the Original Recipe

Martini cocktail how was it created? What's the original recipe? And above all, should the olive be served in the glass or aside? Here are our answers.

 Frozen Marmalade Margarita Recipe

Breakfast Cocktails: Morning Margarita Recipe with Citrus Marmalade

A sweeter alternative to the traditional Margarita recipe that the lovers of frozen tequila drinks will love: a special citrus marmalade Margarita.

Apple Martini Cocktail

Pre Dinner Drinks & Nibbles: Apple Martini and Camembert

Summer is in full swing: how to say no to a pre-dinner Apple Martini served with delicious Camembert? A delicious appetizer idea perfect for a house party.