Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Christmas is coming, and as every year you are worried because of the Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Inventing something new  to impress them is not easy... But there is something which never disappoint us: gourmet food. A deli food basket is an original Christmas gift idea that will surprise even the most demanding friends, relatives and partners.

Browse our selection of Christmas food gift basket or create your personal one combining the gourmet ingredients you prefer: cheese, chocolate, Christmas sweets, honey...

And  if you are late, don't worry: you can always give Sensibus gourmet gift card to your loved ones, to let them purchase what they want.


honey and cheese

Cheese and Honey Plate: Tips for Perfect Pairings

Cheese and honey is one of the most refined combinations you can try. Follow our tips and delight yourself and your guests with a delicious honey and cheese platter.

cheese and meat table

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Cheese Lovers

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cheese and crackers platter

3 Crackers and Cheese Gift Baskets

A cheese and crackers platter is perfect at any time of the day. Discover our combinations for every taste or create your own cheese and crackers gift basket!

christmas food basket idea

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas: Specialty Food Gifts at Your Fingertips

Are you looking for unique gifts for your loved ones for this Christmas? Holiday baskets are useful and generally highly appreciated by those who receive them.

 traditional Christmas cakes, panforte and panpepato

Traditional Italian Christmas Cakes: Panforte and Panpepato

Christmas is still the best moment to spend time with family, to eat the traditional recipes and, above all, the traditional Christmas cakes!

gourmet gift basket idea

Gourmet Food Baskets: Mouthwatering Gift Ideas

Our festive gift baskets are loaded with gourmet treats: send to your loved ones a bounty of wonderful foods perfect for every feast.