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Robiola Cheese Pairings and Serving Suggestions

The various types of Robiola are very different depending on the type of milk used and the conditions of curing.


Robiola is a very ancient type of Italian cheese, originating in the Langhe region in Piedmont. Today it is produced in other areas too: in the provinces of Asti, Alessandria, Cuneo and even in Lombardy and in the Aosta Valley.

Every area has its own production technique for Robiola cheese. Whereas in some regions the dairy farmers only use cow milk, in other regions, Robiola is made from cow's milk and sheep or goat's milk and therefore is called Robiola due latti, thus two-milk Robiola. There are even some producers who use three milks, thus cow's milk, sheep milk and goat's milk. In this case, we call it three-milk Robiola and it is mainly produced during the summer months when sheep and goats begin to produce milk.

Consequently, the various types of Robiola are very different depending on the type of milk used and the conditions of curing. In the fresh product the aroma is pleasant thanks to the sweetness of the milk and the acidity of the curd. In aged Robiola the aroma and taste sensations are fuller, intense, with hints of herbs, and sometimes spicy.

Robiola di Roccaverano cheese

How to use Robiola cheese

Robiola can be used in many recipes.

  • Inviting appetizers: mix Robiola with ham (or sausage), smoked salmon or tuna and spread on some bread;
  • First course dishes: use it to make pasta sauces with chopped pistachios, mushrooms, artichokes or olives.
  • Salads: Robiola combines with the flavor of rocket or chicory; add celery slices and chicken strips. You can sweeten your salads substituting celery with apple. Garnish with pomegranate seeds or walnuts.
  • Desserts: mixed with Ricotta or yogurt, Robiola cheese can be used to prepare a good cheesecake.

Pairing Robiola with jam and honey

Serve fresh Robiola with acacia honey or almond mostarda. Orange jam or apricot jam are perfect paired with aged Robiola.

Pairing Robiola with wine and beer

As to wine, serve fresh Robiola with a glass of Langhe Chardonnay or Roero Arneis, whereas aged Robiola can be better tasted with a glass of Verduno Pelaverga or Dolcetto di Dogliani.

Lovers of beer will appreciate Robiola di Roccaverano, a delicious goat cheese, served with Weiss beer: in fact, the bitter flavor of the cheese perfectly combines with the sweetness of this beer.

weiss beer and robiola cheese