Perfect Pairings: Choose the Cheese and...

cheese board

A grand platter of cheese must be served with the right accompaniments and drinks. It's important to know the best cheese and jam pairings, wine and cheese combinations, or beer and cheese matches for the lovers of malt. 

Perfect Pairiings Chart

The wine and cheese pairing chart below also contains tips on the best jams and beers to serve with some of the most fantastic cheeses in the world. Not only the most pupular ones like Parmigiano or Pecorino, but also less common gourmet cheeses like Mimolette, Tipsy Cow or Perlagrigia. 

Cheeses from Italy, France, England, US... They are all delicious on their own, but i fyou serve them with the right drink or food, you will create an ama 

cheese and wine, beer, jam pairing chart

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