mozzarella cheese pairing

Pairing Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese with Wine and Beer

Do you love Mozzarella di Bufala? Prepare your appetizer and choose the right drink. We'll tell you the perfect wines and beers to be served with a delicious buffalo mozzarella!


Buffalo Mozzarella is a high quality Italian cheese that everybody know and love. It is quite common to pair aged cheeses with wine. But do you know that also fresh cheeses like mozzarella have their special combinations? Not only will we tell you what wine goes with mozzarella, but also the right beer! 

Wine and mozzarella cheese pairing

Usually, buffalo mozzarella is served with white wine, due to its fresh but firm flavor. In fact, the milk taste contrasts well the light acidity that is ypical of white wine. A good bottle of Greco di Tufo or Fiano di Avellino would be the perfect wine pairing with mozzarella and tomatoes. Yet, if you prefer red wine ,you have choose a young and fruity wine with an aromatic taste.


wine pairing

Beer and mozzarella cheese pairing

It’s unusual to think of beer and mozzarella pairing, but this particular combination cn be incredibly appreciated if you choose with care.

You can combine a delicate cheese like mozzarella with bottom-fermenting beer, for example a lager or pils. Also beers with floral and spicy flavors, like a Saison or a Belgium Trappist, are perfect to make a beer pairing with mozzarella.


beer pairing with mozzarella


Main Imagine: Mozzarella, olio e peperoni by Erik van der Kooij
Wine by Jeff Kubina 
Beer and cheese imagine by Personal Creations, Personal Creations