pecorino di fossa cheese

Cheese Pairing Tips: Pecorino di Fossa

Excellent in recipes or grated on pasta dishes, Pecorino di Fossa is perfect to be tasted on its own and slowly: a true "meditation cheese"!


The Pecorino di Fossa, also called Ambra di Talamello, comes in different colors (from pale yellow to brown) and features a white soft paste.
This cheese is generally served at room temperature or used in hot recipes, since this allows the excellent aroma of the Pecorino to come out. A slight spiciness and at the same time a sweet tendency due to the fatness of the cheese, characterize the Pecorino di Fossa, and give birth to an exquisite succulent flavor.
Among the other organoleptic characteristics of the cheese, are an aroma of mushroom, boiled chestnut or a hint of cellar that you can only perceive at the first bite.
We may say it is a "cheese for meditation", to be tasted slowly.

pecorino di fossa and jam

Pecorino cheese serving suggestions

Try the Pecorino di Fossa grated and stir-fried with pasta and gnocchi.

Pecorino di Fossa cheese and jam

Enjoy this excellent Italian cheese with fig jam or honey, which dampen its force without dispersing the aroma. It is excellent with another specialty food product from the Romagna area: caramelised figs.

Pecorino di Fossa cheese and wine

Pecorino di Fossa is a cheese that remains in the mouth for a long time and then it should be accompanied with soft wines with great structure like a classic Amarone, a great Sangiovese di Romagna (a ged 6/8 years would be ideal) or maybe a Taurasi Aglianico, a fine Barolo, Barbaresco or a Brunello.

If you like white wine the most suitable wines to match with Pecorino di Fossa are: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore, Verdicchio di Matelica, or a good Rebola wine.

If you combine the cheese with jams, serve it with a great dessert wine, for example an Essenzia Trentino or a dried Falanghina Villa Matilda, characterized by an extraordinary sweetness.

Even a sweet Marsala aged for 10 years can be perfect.

Image: Formaggio di Fossa, by Zeugma_fr, CC B Y-SA 3.0