pairing cheese with champagne

Cheese with Champagne, a Decadent Pairing

5 ideas to make the best sparkling wine and cheese pairings. A small insight into the most prestigious among sparkling wines.


Cheese and Champagne, a pairing that is dedicated to those searching for a full indulgence of the senses. Champagne is a noble sparkling wine, produced in the homonym French land with ancient methods handed down from father to son. The greatest classic choice for a big date.

In a special occasion you can create a tickling tasting moment to appreciate the combinations of flavors of this precious ingredient with cheese. Good cheese and Champagne, anything except pure bliss!

How we said in our previous articles on wine and cheese pairings  (Cheese and dessert wine and Cheese and dry wine), it’s necessary to find the right balance between the cheese's acidity and creaminess and the wine’s organoleptic characteristics.

In this little wine and cheese guide we offer some suggestions to find out which champagne you can pair with some cheeses. Choose your favorite Champagne cheese pairing and give yourself a great gourmet moment!

Types of Champagne to Serve with Cheese

First of all, before making a list of cheese and Champagne pairings, we have to know what are the different types of Champagne.
You can classify Champagne by the grapes used (white, black or both):

  • Blanc de Blancs – Chardonnay grapes; 
  • Blanc de Noirs – Pinot Noir or Meunier grapes;
  • Rosé – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Meunier grapes.

The composition affects the wine color and flavor. Eache type of grape shapes a particular taste and gives thw Champagne a different kind of fruity notes.

You can also identify Champagne by the sweetness degree: 

  • Nature
  • Extra Brut
  • Brut
  • Extra-Dry
  • Sec
  • Demi-Sec
  • Doux.

The Champagne sweetness ranges from the dry and firm taste of Nature to the delicate Doux, absolutely the sweetest choice among Champagne wine, in a superb crescendo of sweetness. Sweet and fruity notes already appear in the Extra-Dry and in the Brut, one of the most classic choice for the appetizer.

champagne pairings

Champagne and cheese pairing

And finally, here we are with 5 ideas to make the best sparkling wine and cheese pairin, a small insight into the most prestigious sparkling wine.

  • Fruity Champagne and goat cheese, a fresh combination to delight delicate palate;
  • Camembert and Champagne wine is a classic combination: the bubbles clean your mouth and prepare you to eat another bite. Try Camembert and white Champagne to add freshness to the rougher taste of cheese;
  • Brie and Brut Champagne, for the classic pairing lovers;
  • Mimolette or Parmigiano reggiano with vintage Champagne, a marriage of ripe flavors;
  • Demi-sec Champagne and Stilton, sweet notes to balance the strong flavor of the cheese. 

Now you are ready to organize a perfect champagne and cheese party! You can choose one or more combinations and prepare a tasting event at home, surprising your connoisseurs friends, or select the best and exciting pairing for the perfect romantic date.

Champagne by Yi Wang CC 2.0 | Cheese and champagne by Lisa Sunde CC 2.0