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Cheese Board Ideas: How to Choose Cheeses

 Would you like to make a refined aperitif? Here are some ideas for a cheese board that your friends will remember for a long time!


Would you like to make a refined aperitif for your friends? Here are some ideas for a cheese board that your guests will remember for a long time!

  • Opt for cheeses with different textures and types of milk or propose a narrow selection. A cheese board worthy of the name should include a good variety of cheeses or, on the contrary, a restricted and reasoned selection. Variety may relate to the type of milk (cow, sheep and goat cheese), the consistency or the place of origin (Italy, Spain and USA). You can mix different cheeses with no fear! Serve at least one piece of each type and try to create variations from fresh, soft and creamy to aged and hard cheeses, highlighting styles, textures, aspects and different types of milk, in order to create an appealing presentation and offer a wide range of flavors.

(Image below: “Washington Place Bistro – Charcuterie an” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Edsel L)

cheese board ide

  • If you prefer to focus on a restricted variety, offer the same cheese at various levels of ripening (for example, Parmigiano Reggiano aged 2, 3 or 4 years). Or serve cheeses from a single manufacturer (for instance by a single affineur like Luigi Guffanti), a single region (Italian cheeses or cheeses from Piemonte) or a single family (eg, blue cheeses only). The possibilities are endless! 

(Image below: cheese board at Le Pain Quotidien” (CC BY 2.0) by dailyfood)

How to set up a cheese board

How to set up a cheese plate

You can decide to set up the cheeses on the board in a circle or in a row. To allow your guests to enjoy them fully, arrange the cheeses according to their flavor, starting from the most delicate up to the strongest ones. Following this policy, if the board is arranged clockwise, the first most delicate cheese should be placed at 12. You should always communicate your decision to your guests.

How to set up a cheese plate

Cheese pairing

Finally, remember that fruit, jams, whine and honey (and much more) can enhance the flavor of cheese. Use your fantasy and create great fruit and cheese plate ideas.Yet, it is important to make the right pairing or the result will be catastrophic. Therefore, follow our tips on cheese pairings!

(Image below: Cheese board at Troquet (CC BY 2.0)  by Dale Cruse)

fruit and cheeese pairing

(Main image: smoked meat salami grapes baguette bread” (CC BY 2.0) by


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