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Cheese and Honey Plate: Tips for Perfect Pairings

Cheese and honey is one of the most refined combinations you can try. Follow our tips and delight yourself and your guests with a delicious honey and cheese platter.


Cheese is one of the most delicious inventions of mankind. And when it meets the right pairing it becomes even more divine. Cheese and honey is one of the most refined combinations you can try. Have you ever tasted cheese with honey and walnuts? Or fried goat cheese with honey? A real treat.

Yet, there are many types of honey in the world, as well as many cheeses, and each product has different organoleptic characteristics.

Guessing the perfect combinations for a honey and cheese platter is not simple and requires a certain knowledge. For this reason, we want to provide you some small guides to serve each cheese with its best half, so that you will be able to delight yourself and your guests with delicious honey and cheese appetizers.

To fully enjoy the good taste of honey and cheese it is important to know how to match honey and cheese in the right way. As a general rule, you should combine savory cheese to sweet and delicate honey, and sweet and delicate cheese to stronger and more decisive honey.

You can also follow your taste, of course, and obtain surprising combinations. But if you want to play it safe, read out our guidelines and learn how to serve honey with cheese.

Pairings Cheese and Honey

honey and cheese platter

Acacia honey and cheese

The acacia honey generally has a liquid or quite fluid consistency. It is characterized by a soft floral scent and is slightly fruity.

The very delicate flavor of acacia honey has sweet vanilla notes and a slight acidity.

Acacia honey and blue cheeses, like Gorgonzola, are the best pairing ever. Yet, this honey goes well with medium-aged cheeses too, such as Pecorino Romano, Provolone and Toma Piemontese.

Chestnut honey and cheese

Chestnut honey crystallizes very slowly but it may also remains fluid. It is characterized by an intense aroma and flavor, basically bitter and very persistent.

Some of the cheeses that best match with chestnut honey are long or medium-aged cheeses such as Grana and Parmesan cheese, Caciocavallo, and Asiago as well as aged goat cheeses.

Orange honey and cheese

Orange honey (and more in generally those produced from the flowers of various citrus plants, such as orange, lemon, lime and mandarin) has an intense aroma reminiscent of the flowers from which it comes. The flavor, quite intensive, offers floral and fruity notes and is slightly acidic.

Some of the most suitable cheeses to match with citrus honey are semi-aged Pecorino cheese, sheep ricotta and Caciocavallo DOP cheese.

Wildflower honey and cheese

Wildflower honey comes from a multitude of unspecified flowers, then it can have different flavors and color from year to year.

When extracted from the wax honeycombs it is liquid, then it tends to crystallization.

This honey is preferred by most consumers. Generally it is richer in fructose than in glucose. Wildflower honey and goat cheese is and incredible match, but try it with other fresh cheeses, as well as with Fontina, Gorgonzola, and Taleggio.

Honeydew honey and cheese

Honeydew honey is dark and has a rather thick consistency. It has an intense aroma, with notes that recall the scents of cooked vegetables and tomato jam. The flavor of honeydew honey is rather intense and persistent, with slightly sour and salty notes.

Honeydew honey go well smoked cheese, and semi-hard cheeses cheese like Tilsiter and Montasio.

Eucalyptus honey

Eucalyptus honey is characterized by an intense and sharp aroma, somewhat similar to that of dried mushrooms. Its malty flavor is decisive and persistent, and has hints of caramel.

The most suitable cheeses to be paired with this honey are the Caciocavallo and Asiago, both DOP cheeses.

Lavender honey

Lavender honey, obtained from the homonyms flower, has a floral and pleasantly intense aroma. Its taste is fruity, with notes of passion fruit, ripe fig and almond.

Lavender honey pairs perfectly with the taste of goat cheese, but also with sweet Provola and Montasio cheese.

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honey and cheese pairing

Honey Drizzle, by missy
Pecorino cheese and truffled honey by Lisa Rigaser
Mel Cremoso Vermont with Gorgonzola by Juliano Mendes