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Cheese and Fruit Pairings: a Small Guide

Discover our guidelines to make some of the tastiest cheese and fruit combinations, and make your cheese boards and recipes unique.


Serving a cheese platter just before dessert is a good idea to complete the best lunch or dinner with your friends or relatives.
Pairing cheese with fruit, fresh and dried, or jam is an even better idea. Discover our guidelines to make the tastiest fruit and cheese platter.

Cheese connoisseurs know that the sour and milky flavor of cheese pairs perfectly well with the sweet taste fresh, dried or candied fruit.
The tase of cow, goat or sheep cheese, both fresh or aged, and independently on the type of paste, can be sublimated if served with sweet and savory food.
Below are some cheese board ideas and interesting tips to make the right pairing.

soft and hard cheese pairing with fruit

Pairing blue cheeses and fruit

On the cutting board, blue-veined cheeses like Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Bleu d'Auvergne, Fourme d'Ambert and Blu del Monviso, pair well with dried fruit and autumns fruit - such as pears, grapes, apples or figs - whether fresh or turned into jam.
Do not hesitate to pair blue cheese with dried bananas, quince or prunes jam.

Blue cheese and Fruit recipe ideas

Make some cookes with blue cheese and crumbled nuts; mix the cheese with diced pears and wrap in phyllo pastry sheets to make delicious desssert, or make a yummy a sweet-savory pie with blue cheese and apples.

Pairing blue cheeses and fruit

Pairing Bloomy rind cheese with fruit

What cheese goes with pear? Actually pear combines weel with any type of cheese. And Italians know that!

Serve bloomy rind cheese with slices of apple or pear. And for a touch of originality, add some plum jam.

Bloomy rind cheese and fruit recipe ideas

Use the Camembert to make tasty fruit salad or to make original rolls with pear or dare. Try this excelelnt Mediterranean salad with Brie, fresh figs and pine nuts.

Pairing Bloomy rind cheese with fruit

Paring Fruit with Emmental and Comté cheese

If you don't like risks, we propose you a classical paring with walnuts, diced apple or fragrant white grape.
And if you want to impress, these cheeses marry well with orange marmalade or pineapple jam.

Recipe ideas with fruit and Emmental or Comté cheese

For an aperitif finger food idea, wrap a slice of cheese and a pieace of apple in phyllo dough sheets and bake or make some good sanwiches with good Italian ham.
Also use these cheeses to make some skeweers, combined with fruit or to garnish a cocktail.

cheese and fruit pairing


Enjoy our cheese tray ideas!