cheese and chocolate pairings

Cheese and Chocolate Pairings

Chocolate and cheese is a delicious pairing able to satisfy any palates. Here some suggestions for amazing combinations!


Chocolate and cheese are two lovely foods that, contrary to popular belief, can be used together in many recipes. Chocolate and cheese pairing is a delicious mix that can satisfy any palates. Dark, white and milk chocolate can be combined with fresh or aged cheese and also associated with a good wine.

In fact, beyond well-known chocolate and cheese recipes like a classic cheesecake, there are many possibilities to match various types of cheese with a good chocolate able to compensate the sweet or piquant savor of cheese and vice versa.

So, let’s see what are the best combinations and let's prepare to taste amazing pairings.

Cheese and chocolate pairings


Chocolate and cheese pairings: dark and milk chocolate combinations

Pairing chocolate and cheese is not simple, and it is necessary to choose the right mix of flavors. Let's start wih the best dark chocolate and cheese pairings.

Aged cheeses and dark chocolate

Cheeses with an intense and dry flavor combine perfectly with dark chocolate and its strong and slightly bitter taste. Delicious combinations are dark chocolate and aged Pecorino, Parmigiano Reggiano, aged Gouda and Ricotta: these cheeses can be served with pieces of chocolate or sprinkled with chocolate shavings.

Milk chocolate and cream cheese

Milk and white chocolates, instead, combine perfectly with fresh and young cheeses for their milky and soft savor: Brie, Stracchino, Camembert, CreamyGorgonzola are all ideal to be served with milk and white chocolate. Another amazing pairing is Cheddar, a traditional English cheese, and milk chocolate: the nutty and caramel-flavored of this cheese can be combined with many types of milk chocolate.

A decadent recipe with these two ingredients is chocolate and cream cheese fondue: melt dark chocolate, add some cream and vanilla extract, and dip pieces of creamy cheese and strawberrries in the chocolate fondue. The result will be amazing.


Cheese and chocolate

Wine pairing with cheese and chocolate

To conclude, don’t miss a good wine. For milk chocolate with low concentration of cocoa and fresh cheese, the best pairing is with raisin and aromatized wines. For example, red wine like Aleatico di Puglia.

The combination between dark chocolate and cheese, instead, should be accompanied with wine distillates like Cognac, Rhum, Grappa, or also with for fortified wines like Porto.


Wine, cheese and chocolate pairings


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