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Best Matches for Cheddar Cheese

The most common use for Cheddar is in the cheeseburger, but there are a lot of things to make with Cheddar cheese.


Cheddar is the most famous Anglo-Saxon cheese. It first appeared on the English tables of a small village in Somerset, at the end of the 12th century. This village was called Cheddar.

The United States Department of Agriculture affirms that Cheddar is the most famous cheese in the world.

A Cheddar wheel has a cylindrical shape and can be found in a big variety of sizes: from 12 to 130 pounds. Mild Cheddar is white and has a sweet taste. Sharp Cheddar is an aged cheese, with a golden color and a piquant taste. The orange one is a variety colored with Annatto seeds. Sometimes you can find it covered by a characteristic layer of red wax.

But, how to use Cheddar cheese in cooking?

The most common use for Cheddar is in cheeseburger, but there are a lot of things to make with Cheddar cheese. In the UK, for example, Cheddar is often served at the end of the meal, with fresh fruit, bread and butter. In USA the common uses of Cheddar cheese are: Macaroni Cheese, Cheese Straws and Baked potatoes.

Cheddar is also used in Mexican recipes, like Tacos and spicy Tortillas with beef and beans. In Cheese Pie Italian recipe Cheddar can substitute Fontina.

cheese platter

Cheese and fruit pairings

Fruit is a great cheese board accompaniment: you can serve a cheese platter as appetizer, with a glass of good wine, or at the end of your meal, before the dessert. with a fortified wine.

Use seasonal fruit to make a cheese board. The best Cheddar and fruit pairing ideas are: apple or pear wedges, grapes and drupes. A good cheese board has 3 to 5 different kind of cheese, fruit (fresh or dried), bread or cracker, olives, mustards, honey and jams. Read more about how to prepare the perfect cheese board.

What makes a good cheese board?

Have cheeses on your board in a crescendo of flavor:

  • start with fresh cheese, that are creamy and mild (mozzarella, brie, stracchino...);
  • continue with a semisoft cheese, more savory and flavored (Fontina, mild Cheddar, fresh Pecorino);
  • add a Blue Cheese for a pungent flavor (gorgonzola, roquefort...);
  • complete your cheese trip with a strong flavor hard cheese (Gouda, mature Cheddar, Parmigiano Reggiano...).

beer and cheddar

Cheddar wine pairing

What wine goes best with sharp Cheddar cheese? A Cabernet Sauvignon is the best aged Cheddar wine pairing. The strong and sharp flavor of Cheddar matches well with the tannic and fruity taste of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cheddar beer pairing

Aged Cheddar cheese has a strong flavor: it's nutty and fruity, very savory and piquant. Serve it with a bitter and fruity beer. Strong pale ales and brown ales are a perfect match with this hard cheese, as much as we can say that Cheddar and beer flavors complement each other.

Two cheddar, five figs | Cheddar and beer | Cheese board CC 2.0

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