cheese and ham board

4th of July Appetizers: Long Live American Food!

Have fun creating delicious sweet and savory recipes for your 4th of july menu. And this year surprise your guests with a welcome appetizer.


Independence Day's celebrations are coming. Are you ready?

Have you already organized your 4th of July BBQ? If you are still thinking about it, we can suggest you some 4th July recipes that will really delight your guests: beef, chicken, and grilled vegetables are the basics. Oh, and cold beer of course. Have fun creating delicious sweet and savory salads, original and healthy sandwiches and delicious desserts for your 4th of july menu. And this year surprise your guests with a welcome appetizer.

Prepare a good cocktail to toast to America, and serve an American appetizer to pay homage to your country. Follow our tips and our 4th of July party food ideas, and your Independence day willl be amazing!

Offer the welcome cocktail in the classic Maison Jars. Red fruits, tonic water, lime, a splash of gin and sugar cane. And your Indipendence Day Cocktail is ready!

4th of July Cheese Platter Ideas

To accompany this drink prepare some 4th july party snacks: what better than a good cheese and meat board with local product to be served with some crackers?

We suggest you two options of 4th july party food.

4th july cheese and salami antipasto

America the Great! Gourmet Collection

An assortment of American cheeses and salamis that will satisfy even the most sophisticated palates.

Quattro Pepi and Bianchina re produced by Nicolau Farm, a cheesemaker set in San Diego who uses organic milk only. It is a farm with a long tradition, in fact The Nicolau Family has been dairy farming in Stanislaus County since the early 1900's.

The Quattro Pepe is a Gouda Style cheese made form goat cheese studded with black, white, pink, and green peppercorns

Bianchina is a mixed-milk cheese with a bllomy rind and a buttery paste.

Barolo salami and Nduja are made by Alle-Pia, which was started by Antonio Varia, owner of Buona Tavola restaurants in Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo, and his nephew Alex Pellini, when they decided to produce the salami and sausages for their restaurants. Alle-Pia are made by hand and using natural ingredients only, without any artificial nitrites or nitrates or chemical preservatives. The flavor of Italy made in USA.

To sum up, a hard cheese, a soft cheese, a sophisticated salami and a hot spreadable salami cream. Everything accompanied by some crackers. For the perfect 4th july appetizers!

4th july cheese and salami appetizer

American Sampler Gourmet Collection

Quattro Pepi and Barolo are present in this gourmet collection too. This time, together with these specialty products, there are two more incredible cheese: Tim Pedrozo Tipsy Cow, a Californian artisanal semi-firm cheese aged in Petite Sirah wine from the Sierra Foothills, and Rupert, a sweet mixed-mil cheese inspired in alpine dairy products.

Prepare an American cheese board and serve with Potter's organic crunchy beryy and hazelnut crisps. A real treat!