fall cheese board with autumn fruit

3 Ideas to Assemble a Fall Cheese Board

Is your Fall fruit garden already giving you marvelous produces? Here are some ideas to match Autumn fruit and cheeses and assemble a good and attractive Fall cheese board.


Is your Autumn fruit garden already giving you marvelous produces and good fruits and vegetables that you would you like to use as delicious cheese board ingredients? Well, you may prepare some original Fall jams and compotes to be served with delicious cheeses, giving a touch of extra originality to your appetizers, or use them fresh in combination with other ingredients. Here are some ideas to match Autumn fruit and cheeses and assemble a themed cheese board.

Pumpkin Jam and Pecorino

The traditional pumpkin jam prepared with vegetable pulp, sugar, water and pectin, can be personalized in many ways. The coolest
variation is made by adding citrus peels, especially lemons and oranges (always make sure they are organic), perfect to give the right degree of acidity to a "sweet" jam.
Match this compote with a fresh pecorino. And what if you have an aged pecorino cheese in your fridge? No fear, in this case the perfect marriage is with a pumpkin-amaretti jam or a pumpkin-almond combination. How to make this cheese baord look attractive? Add some small decorative pumpkins, some cinnamon sticks and a bowl of toasted almonds to your plate.

Pumpkin jam

Green Tomato Chutney and Goat Cheese

Have you ever tried a Green Tomato chutney? Nothing too complicate: you just need a large pan, the main ingredient, brown sugar and the the peel of two lemons. Your green tomato jam will be ready as soon as the vegetables are caramelized and become brown. A recipe of unparalleled goodness that will surprise family and friends with a mix of truly extraordinary flavors. Match it with goat cheeses or with Taleggio and decorate with some autumn leaves from your garden and some crackers. 

Green tomato chutney

Pear and Nuts Jam and Blue Cheese

Choose the variety of pears you prefer and make a heavenly pear and walnuts jam. Follow the traditional pear jam recipe and add grounded nuts at the end.
This fruit combination will match magically with Parmesan cheese, gorgonzola or even Stilton. Add some Speck or bacon and brown bread to your cheese board and decorate with rocket leaves.

Pear, walnuts and blue cheese

Images:  Baiba Opule |  annapustynnikova | Oleksandr Prokopenko | annapustynnikova  123RF Archivio Fotografico


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