Semi-Soft Cheeses

Semi-Soft Cheeses

Semi-soft cheeses are those whose water content is generally between 36% and 45% and undergo an average aging process. For this reason semi-soft cheeses usually keep all the fresh milk flavors.

The paste is firm - but not hard - and pliable, although it can vary from semi-firm to very firm.

Here is a short list of semi-soft cheeses available on Sensibus: Fontina, Provolone cheese, Bavarian Limburger...

fontoina cheese

Fontina, a Classic Italian Semi-Soft Cheese

Fontina is a DOP cheese produced in the North Italian region of Valle d'Aosta, from raw whole milk of the local breed cow (Valdostana).

The ageing process which takes place in traditional ripening caves or in special warehouses, must last at least 80 days.

The texture of Fontina paste is quite soft and elastic but still varies depending on the maturation period. The holes should be light and widespread. The color of the rind varies from light brown to dark, depending on the ripeness.

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bavarian limburger

Bavarian Limburger, the Smelly German Semi-Soft Cheese

The Limburger is perhaps the most popular of all smelly cheeses in the world. This semi-soft cheese is fermented using a particular bacterium.

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