Fresh Cheeses

Fresh Cheeses

Fresh cheeses are a real delicacy. Perfect for a snack or to make delicious recipes, they are extremely versatile and can be used in the preparation of savory and sweet recipes.

Fresch cheese are not subjected to curing, they have no rind or crust, their consistency can be either soft, creamy or firmer. Their peculiarity is that they have a percentage of water higher than 60%; from hence the soft texture.

The fat content varies depending on the cheese. As a general rule, unlike aged cheeses, they are light, and suitable to a diet. That's why Mozzarella, the popular fresh Italian cheese, is very appreciated by women on a diet. Yet, it's always recommended to read the nutritional values of every cheese, considering that Burrata is a fresh gourmet cheese and it's very fat!

Generally fresh cheeses have a quite mild flavor, and this is why they are often used as a vehicle for other ingredients in dis, filings, seasonings...

Fresh cheeses should be consumed by the due date indicated on the package, generally within a few days.

Here is a short list of fresh cheeses available on Sensibus: Mozzarella di bufala, Robiola, Stracchino, Burrata and more.

robiola cheese

Robiola Fresh Cheese

Robiola is an Italian fresh cheese hailing from the Piedmont region with a cylindrical or squared shape. It is produced with cow's milk, goat and sheep, also mixed in varying proportions (Robiola due Latti and Robiola Tre Latti by Luigi Guffanti). For example, Robiola Bosina is made with cow's and goat's cheese. 

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burrata cheese

Burrata Fresh Cheese

Italian cheese Burrata is a delicious fresh cheese made from cow's milk in the area of Andria, a town in the Puglia Region, where cheesemakers still make Burrata using the traditional techniques combined with the mnost modern technology.

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Mozzarella di Bufala

Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese

Buffalo Mozzarella is fresh dairy product produced exclusively with buffalo milk, unlike mozzarella "fior di latte", which is produced only with cow's milk.  

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Images: Fresh Chevre,| Italian Robiola CheeseBuffalo Milk Mozzarella... CC BY 2.0