how to make a cheese platter

Cheese Board

"Each cheese must be accompanied by fresh fruit, dried fruit, vegetables, herbs, fruit jam or honey, according to its taste, creating unusual yet harmonious arrangements with cheese" - Dominique Dysher, French Chef

How to Make a Cheese Board

There are different ways to present a cheese platter: you can organize a nice cheese board, proposing the most interesting cheeses and the most sophisticated taste or choose classic taste and to play it safe. Whatever your choice present all on a nice platter with the cheese knives and the right pairings. Follow our advices and discover how to make a cheese platter attractive. You'll impress your guests!


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Articles about Cheese Board

How to Arrange a Cheese Platter

Actually there are no strict rules to make the perfect cheese board. What is important is to choose a criteria for what to put on a cheese platter and serve every cheese accompanied by another simple or cooked food: jam, fruit, nuts...

Here is a list of things you can do to make a successful cheese platter presentation.

  • Arrange the slices clockwise on the board, starting with soft cheeses to continue with semi-mature and ending up with aged  hard cheese. To meet the taste of everyone, include at least 5 cheeses on the platter: a soft, two semi-hard and two hard cheeses and inform your guests where to start the tasting.
  • If there are kids, make sure there your cheese platter includes Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P. or Grana Padano D.O.P. and honey: usually children appreciate this combination.
  • Serve cheese at room temperature, for this pull them out of the refrigerator for one to two hours before serving.
  • Provide different knives for soft, semi-firm and hard cheeses.
  • Accompany your cutting board with jam and honey in small bowls (each with its own spoon). Sugars made from honey or the jams create the perfect balance of taste.
  • Better to eliminate the inedible crust cheese.

How to Make a Cheese Board Look Attractive

Here we have to say that the most important thing to make a cheese board attractive is to cut cheeses properly. Few people know how to cut cheese for a cheese tray, that is why it i important to learn it before organizing a cheese tasting at home.

Before the tasting begins, tell the diners the names of the cheeses or write their names on some nice DIY labels. You may also produce a small menu with a brief description of these cheeses and their best combination with honey, jam or other (and, if present, with wine).

Serve bread of different types and shapes (preferably homemade), cut into thin slices or small rolls, arranged in a beautiful basket. The alternative is to allocate a small basket each. In addition, you can add homemade crackers or bread sticks to corn.

Main image: Cheese board, CC BY 2.0


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