burrata cheese
Burrata, a postmodern version of Mozzarella, delicious in its simplicity, perfect for a decadent dining experience.

Burrata Cheese Recipes

Burrata is a fresh cheese from Andria, a small village in Apulia; it is basically a pocket made of mozzarella dough containing a soft cream heart and strips of mozzarella. You can eat Burrata as is, accompanied by a green salad, but it can also be used in refined recipes, combined with some great glass of local wine from Puglia, maybe a Locorotondo or Castel del Monte.
Discover all our tips and recipes about Burrata, the queen of Italian cheeses!

Zucchini Flowers on a plate, an summer Italian Recipe

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers: Italian Recipes for Summer

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Burrata Cheese

Italian cheese Burrata is a delicious fresh cheese made from cow's milk in the area of Andria, a town in the Puglia Region, where cheesemakers still make Burrata using the traditional techniques combined with the mnost modern technology.

Fresh Cheeses

Fresh Cheeses

Fresh cheeses are a real delicacy. Perfect for a snack or to make delicious recipes, they are extremely versatile and can be used in the preparation of savory and sweet recipes.

crispy stuffed zucchini flowers

Zucchini Flowers Stuffed with Burrata Cheese and Dried Tomatoes

Try this mouthwatering recipe with Burrata cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, and prepare a crispy and lusciuos summer appetizer.

grilled bread with bottarga and mozzarella

Bruschetta with Bottarga and Burrata

A simple idea for a cool combination to treat yourself in the upcoming spring evenings: delicious "bruschette" with fish roe and Burrata.

burrata cheese

How to Use Burrata Cheese: Recipe Ideas and Pairings

Who said that Burrata can be used in Caprese salad only? Discover the many uses of this Italian cheese in a variety of delicious recipes.

Itria Valley and the trulli, land of Burrata cheese

Discovering Puglia: Burrata Cheese and the Itria Valley

Burrata is an Italian milk product hailing from beautiful Puglia, basically consisting of a shell of mozzarella, filled in with a mix of strands of mozzarella and cream.

burrata cheese with figs and ham

​Burrata Cheese, Figs and Cured Ham

Burrata cheese and figs, two sophisticated ingredients very popular in Italian cuisine, especially in summer. And to balance their sweet flavor, we add some slices of dry cured ham.

peas cream with mint and burrata

Warm Cream of Peas with Mint and Burrata Cheese

This cream of peas with mint and Burrata is extremely simple and fast, and will satisfy even the most refined palates! But for a successful starter, we recommend to use only first quality ingredients.

Burrata Cheese Properties and Facts

Burrata cheese is very similar to mozzarella, but with a sweeter taste and buttery and a softer texture. This cheese goes well with vegetables or salads, but it can also be cooked to prepare more elaborate dishes, as you can see above. 

The cheese must be served fresh or at room temperature, not hot or too cold (unless specifically required by the recipe).

There are 90 calories in one ball of burrata cheese and due to the fat quantity it has requires a long digestive process; furthermore, Burrrata contains significant amounts of lactose.

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