Bottarga Dishes

Bottarga, one of the most delicious culinary delights of Sardinia. Salted fish eggs, pressed and dried.
This amber-coloured nectar is firm and compact. Tuna bottarga has all the flavor of the sea, whether mullet roe has a more delicate taste.
Food of poor origins, Bottarga is always prensent on the island's tables.
Find out how to use bottarga in simple and delicious recipes directly from the beautiful land of Sardinia.

spaghetti with bottarga

Pasta with Bottarga, Swordfish and Cherry Tomatoes

Discover this bottarga recipe with swordfish and cherry tomatoes: an interesting and luscious fish first course, excellent with both long and short pasta!

grilled bread with bottarga and mozzarella

Bruschetta with Bottarga and Burrata

A simple idea for a cool combination to treat yourself in the upcoming spring evenings: delicious "bruschette" with fish roe and Burrata.

spaghetti with bottarga

What is Bottarga? Tips and Recipes

Everything you want to know about Bottarga: what it is, how to cook and how to store this gourmet food product hailing from Southern Italian regions.

pasta with bottarga, zucchini and lemon

Pasta with Bottarga, Zucchini and Leek

Fish roe: love it or hate it. And if you love it, this ingredient will allow you to make exceptional recipes in few minutes!