Blue Stilton

Blue Stilton is one of the few traditional British cheeses benefiting from the status of "protected designation of origin" (DOP). Only the cheeses produced in the three counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire and prepared according to a strict code can be called Stilton. There are only six dairies licensed to make Stilton cheese.

Stilton is a crumbly and creamy blue cheese, with the typical blue veins radiating from the center of the cheese.
The wheel of Stilton Blue cheese has a cylindrical shape with flat faces and straight sides.

At first glance it is not very different from Gorgonzola but only in appearance: it has a spicy but sweeter taste than Gorgonzola.

The British use to taste it at the end a good meal together with a glass of Porto wine.

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Image: Fromage, CC BY-SA 2.0